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Have you ever caught a trend before everyone else and prospered from it?
There is a HUGE NEW TREND about to hit.

Those at the beginning of a new trend are the ones that prosper.  Once it takes off, they benefit as everyone else jumps on board.  Like most of our customers, you are probably entreprenurial and have a business vision that most do not.  That's why I have decided to share this with you, but time is almost up.  

This involves a mobile app innovation. If you haven't realized, everyone is ALWAYS on their phones; so that's where you need to be to capitalize today.  It's prepped in 184 countries already, and according to many professional athletes like Evander Holyfield, Nick Lowery, John Buck, & Ray Lewis, will totally CHANGE THE WAY WE WATCH SPORTS!  Even if you aren't into sports, billions are and this trend presents a 3 week window to tap into the massive innovation and revenue it will generate. 

 If you thought PokemonGo was major, get ready... this will be about  900%  the size that Pokemon was on day 1. However, that was a Fad; this will be a long-term WORLDWIDE TREND. 

The affiliate program is being frozen in less than 3 weeks and the app is launching 2 weeks after that.  

We finally have a video giving some snippets of the actual app and people are going to enjoy ALL SPORTS like never before! I'll show you what it looks like and also how you can get in on it here...



If you are any of the following, this could be huge for you!

   a.  charities, ministries, private schools, organizations that do fundraisers

   b.  influencial business owners 

   c.  restaurants or sports bars

   d.  people who have excelled in network marketing 

           (this is a super affiliate program, not an MLM)

   e.  health clubs or training facilities

   f.  coaches, little leagues, booster clubs

   g.  college or pro athletes, retired athletes, sports agents

   h. or friends with / related to any of the above


We aren't selling ANYTHING.  It's a Free game & Not Fantasy & Not Gambling.

Want to take part in the revenue?   Want to be a beta player??

Here's how you can get in on it...  http://UGSportsgame.com/biz  

Eric Normand,  President

P.S. -  If you are a sports fan at all, you will be involved either before the trend or after.

P.P.S. - TIP: To see the new video of the app in action, go halfway down the page at the link above.







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