Fragrance is something really important, at least to me. I not only like to know my home smells nice should anyone visit, but I also find that scents can really help set the mood, for instance if I want to relax I often light something with the scent of lavender. However, there are a huge number of combinations of fragrances on offer and sometimes it can be hard to work out which one is perfect for the occasion you have in mind. That is where a website like WhiteParis Luxury comes into play.

WhiteParis Luxury, not only sell a whole host of amazing candles and reed diffusers, but they also try and help team you with the perfect kind of scent for the situation. Using the wellbeing guide, they ask you to pick the sort of feelings you are trying to escape or even evoke, such as reducing pain or improving concentration. Though if you want to just shop by scent or check out the range, that is a-okay as well, WhiteParis Luxury don't mind.

I was invited to give WhiteParis Luxury's wellbeing guide and whirl and see how it worked for me, when it came to picking a good fragrance. I was in the end torn between choosing something to help ease anxiety or reduce pain so when I spotted Kenneth Turner's Indian Spice candle sat in bother categories I knew it was the one for me.

Kenneth Turner London Indian Spice Candle

The Kenneth Turner London Indian Spice Candle actually spans three of the wellbeing categories that WhiteParis Luxury, as well as anxiety and pain it is also listed as helping aid sleep.

Unsurprisingly the Indian Spice Candle is based on scents you would find in the Middle East and among others it includes hints of black pepper, cherry blossom and sandalwood. Having not used Kenneth Turner candles before, I was unsure what to expect from them, but there is something wonderful about the depth of fragrance offered. This candle really seems to offer a well thought out mix of scents, that when you sit back, try and relax and enjoy the scent actually seems to surround you and bring about a more calmed state.

With that in mind, I am really impressed with the suggestion from WhiteParis Luxury as it really seems to have been spot on, after all inducing a calmed state does help relieve anxiety, pain and bring on a better night's sleep. So for me the wellbeing guide is something I will definitely be calling on in future.

What do you think of the sound of WhiteParis Luxury's wellbeing guide, can you see yourself calling on it in future?

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