Today is my 36:th birthday.

And I want to do something fun to celebrate that and to thank you for all your
kindness and support over this past year.

So you can get any of my 6 digital and downloadable courses and guides at a 36
percent discount for the next 72 hours.

This offer is only available until 1.00 p.m EDT (that’s 17.00 GMT) Wednesday
the 30:th of March.

I’m off to celebrate a bit now, have a wonderful day and check out the information
below to learn more about the courses and guides.

You can get any of these digital and downloadable courses and guides with one of
the major credit cards or money in your Paypal account or Amazon account.

The Stop Procrastinating Now Course

My latest course on one of the most common issues people face is now open again 
for registration and will stay that way until Wednesday.

In this 10-week course you’ll learn how to:
  • Understand the 7 basic reasons for procrastination. So you can
    understand yourself better and where you need put your attention.
  • Find the crucial balance between doing fully focused work and having
    plenty of guilt-free rest and play.
  • Setup your daily work environment in just a few minutes to keep the
    distractions to a minimum and your focus sharp.
  • Overcome the 4 fundamental fears that drive us to procrastination
    step-by-step. So you can take action on what you deep down want and not
    be held back any longer.

Click here to learn more and to join the Stop Procrastinating Now Course for just
$30 (regular price is $47)

The Self-Esteem Course
This 12-week course is my most popular course. In it you'll learn how to:
  • Deep down feel like you truly trust yourself to be able to handle
    and making the important decisions and that you deserve to have and to
    get more good and awesome things in your life.
  • Finally lay off and overcome your own most self-critical and most
    self-esteem damaging thought habits such as perfectionism and comparing
    yourself to others.
  • Learn to handle mistakes, failure and criticism in healthy way
    that preserves your self-esteem.
Plus a whole lot more. The course includes one written guide, one audio version of
that guide and one worksheet for each of the 12 weeks.
The Smart Social Skills Course
The Smart Social Skills Course is all about improving your social skills and
relationships. In this 12-week course you will learn how to:
  • Be calmly confident in any kind of social situation.
  • Overcome shyness and social nervousness so that you can have the
    inner freedom to create the social life you want.
  • Find more happiness, fun and enjoyment in both new and old
    relationships and in your daily conversations.
And much, much more.
The Invincible Summer - A Course in Optimism
In this 8-week course you'll learn how to go from being stuck in negativity to
becoming an action-taking optimist. 
You'll discover how to:
  • Keep your enthusiasm up and to keep going despite setbacks, mistakes
    and failures.
  • Build an environment of optimism around you that will open up
    your life and mind.
  • Overcome the destructive victim mentality and self-doubt.
The regular price for this course is $27 but you can get for $17.25.
31 Days to a Simpler Life Course
This course is designed to make you think about how you live your life. But more
importantly, it's designed to make you DO things. 
To do one task each day for 31 days to simplify your life step by step. 
31 Days to a Simpler Life will for example help you to keep your focus on what is
truly most meaningful and important in your life. It will help you to declutter your
home, workspace and other cluttered areas in your life. 
And to uncomplicate your social life and schedule. 
The discounted price is $17.25 (regular price $27).
Click here to learn more about 31 Days to a Simpler Life and join the course
The Art of Relaxed Productivity
The Art of Relaxed Productivity is all about becoming a more focused person and
getting more of the most important things done with less stress. 
In it you'll learn how to:
  • Improve your self-discipline so that you keep moving towards what you
    want not just once in a while, but every day.
  • Use your attention and focus in a way that helps you to achieve
    what you want at work, in school and life.
  • Boost your motivation and use simple techniques to pick yourself up
    from a motivational slump.
The Art of Relaxed Productivity usually costs $27 but you can get during the
anniversary for just $17.25.


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