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Most respected countries, celebrity roommates, and nutrients!  
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Good Afternoon!

The weekend is almost over. A sad day indeed. To cheer you up, we are bringing you three great lists for your personal enjoyment.  Today, learn about the most respected countries in our world right now, some of your favorite celebrities who have been (or might even still be) roommates, and interesting facts about nutrients. 

25 Most Respected Countries In The World

Every year the Reputation Institute releases a ranking of countries according to how they are perceived abroad. They measure each nation in three broad dimensions - advanced economy, appealing environment, and effective government. The economy deals with how people perceive products, brands, and technology from that country. Is the workforce reliable? Are products good quality? The environment deals with everything from the friendliness of the people to how beautiful the country is. And finally the government dimension rates how safe people would feel there, what their perceptions of social and economic policies are, how ethical the country is, and so forth. We'll let the index do the talking though, as these are the 25 most respected countries in the world.


Have you ever wondered if a celebrity would make a good roommate? Statistically speaking, you won’t have the opportunity to find out; at least not now that they are famous. But these celebrities didn’t always enjoy fame. In fact, these celebrities once enjoyed that one of a kind experience of sharing living quarters with someone else. You’ll be shocked to find out who these 25 celebrities that used to be roommates are.

Whether you are trying to be healthy or just learn as much as you can about the physiology and biology of eating, nutrients are critical. In fact, many of the diseases and problems in the world today could be fixed if people were able to better balance their nutrient intake. We already know that the human body is capable of some amazing things, but these 25 cool things about nutrients could change the way you think about how you keep your body healthy.
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