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10 Things We're Doing Besides Taking 25% off Select Jewelry—’Til Tonight!!

You know what they say about September: As good a time as any to stock up on some seriously good jewelry. Take 25% off select (amazing) pieces with the code BACKTOJEWEL—but only until 11:59 p.m. tonight! Get the details (and the fine print!) here. —claire and erica

Erica's things:

Claire's things:

  • Mainling all six chapters of Framed, a Serial-meets-Big Little Lies true-crime story from the LA Times.
  • Feeling that new-school-year excitement for the first time in awhile, thanks to iMentor, a crazily impressive program that hooks you up with a HS student to help them get on the road to—and through—college. (Pssst: They especially need more male mentors!)
  • Giving my wedding dress a new life as a navy garment, courtesy of the same dyeing studio responsible for all sorts of fancy (and colorful) high-fashion moments.
  • Aspiring to be more like Nancy Spector, chief curator of the Brooklyn Museum and all-around inspiration on everything from career to art to feminism to parenting.
  • Working out all sorts of knots and kinks with this golf-ball-sized thing, which I should probably just keep in my purse at all times.

Turn it up to 11—from Erica!

  • Stocking up on these because I really like sending birthday cards and really don't like shopping for them.

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