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Moving on to our AMAs...

Moving on to our AMAs... On Tue, Sep 6, we have Clair Byrd, Head of Marketing & Content at Invision. You can ask her your questions XXX!

Moving on to our AMAs...

On Tue, Sep 6, we have Clair Byrd, Head of Marketing & Content at Invision. You can ask her your questions here!

Then, on Thu, Sep 8, Kyle York, Chief Strategy Office at Dyn joins us. You can ask him your questions here!

Top posts from the week

Analytics 18 upvotes 0 comments Posted by Grigore Raileanu

During his presentation at Totango's Customer Success Summit 2016, David Apple, Director of Customer Success at Typeform, described how they created a scalable, automated setup to collect and act on their NPS feedback. Typeform was able to identify the key factors that drove customer loyalty and narrow down on customers that were most likely to churn, while also tying the qualitative feedback into valuable data for their product, sales and marketing teams.

Onboarding 25 upvotes 0 comments Posted by Ty Magnin

Here's how to fix some common problems identified when watching user sessions in FullStory. Better your customer experience with these Appcues experiments. 

Engagement 11 upvotes 1 comment Posted by Alfred Lua

The author put together a list of brands and influencers who having been using the feature creatively (and not necessarily with huge marketing budgets). There is a section on "How you could do this for your business" for each one on the list. 

CRO 47 upvotes 2 comments Posted by Sean Bestor

This guide is packed with 12 super simple hacks even the most seasoned hacker probably doesn’t know about. Each of these hacks takes no more than 30 minutes to set up. Anyone can use these hacks, and they’ll help you learn things like: -How to get more conversions from guest posts (even when the editor removes ALL your CTA links) -Discovering If mobile is the backbone of your site (or actually hurting it) -Bypassing email automation to deliver your content upgrade -How to banish cart abandonment AND boost sales by 200%.

Facebook 31 upvotes 2 comments Posted by flavia caroppo

How much do you hate optimizing your Facebook ads? Aren't you tired of looking at hundreds of ad reports? Wouldn’t it be awesome to ALWAYS know what to do about your split testing? This article explains the best and easiest way to optimize your ads from a disaster to profit. No matter what! ...And if you download our cheatsheet, you’ll instantly know how to optimize your ad. Always!

Email Marketing 22 upvotes 2 comments Posted by Janet Choi

80% of users delete the average mobile app within just 3 days. Behavioral email is the perfect way to get your customers in the habit of using your app. Here are 5 examples of behavior-triggered emails to get your mobile app users engaged and coming back.

E-commerce 10 upvotes 2 comments Posted by Justin Mares

This post is the ultimate guide to getting more user-generated content submitted to your e-commerce website.

CRO 28 upvotes 2 comments Posted by William Harris

To succeed in ecommerce, you have to recognize the fact that every visitor matters. Each time someone lands on your website, it’s an opportunity for you to make a sale. The problem is, there are a lot of ways to move a prospective customer from “just looking” to “buying now.” Though it’s important to have specific customer personas that guide you in building your marketing and sales efforts, it’s also imperative that you remember that every customer is different. What motivates one person to buy before leaving your website might not necessarily motivate the next person. To be effective, you can’t just cater to one type of customer—you have to meet the needs and expectations of many. So the question is, how do you do it? 

Copywriting 21 upvotes 2 comments Posted by Danavir Sarria

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “strike when the iron is hot.” I see entrepreneurs agonizing over email optins, funnel sequences, product offers, and so on. Yet they totally gloss over one of the most important pages to focus on: the thank you page! The moment when someone agrees to give you their email (a non-trivial moment) is the moment when they are incredibly receptive to what you have to say. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Design 11 upvotes 2 comments Posted by Mark Lindquist
5 Which Visual Cues Work Best To Drive Attention? [Original Research] Must Read

Designers use visual cues to attempt to guide users in particular direction on a web page. Maybe you want a user to continue scroll, or to look at a value proposition, so you add a visual cue to subtly guide them there. However, when you consider the vast amount of different kinds of visual cues that are available, things become complicated. You could use arrows, lines, photos of people, borders, pointing fingers, bright banners, exclamation points, check marks… The list goes on. Which brings us to the real question: Are some visual cues more effective than others? This ConversionXL Institute study explores that question.

CRO 47 upvotes 4 comments Posted by William Harris
4 [Ideas Inside] How Does Product Copy Format Affect User Engagement? [Original Research] Must Read

Product page copy is something that, generally, gets ignored. Not just the content, but how it is formatted. In this study 3 part study from ConversionXL Institute on eCommerce product pages (part 1 here, and part 2 here), we wanted to explore how elements of a product page affect users’ visual and value perceptions. This experiment looks at how users view a page and read product text descriptions when the text format changes.

Content Marketing 42 upvotes 5 comments Posted by Jade Loussedes

The marketing landscape has never been more fractured or complex. It now takes a variety of touch points in multiple channels on various devices to eventually get someone to buy (and buy again). A whopping 95% of marketers say that they know how important multi-channel is for targeting. So what’s the problem? Only 14% of companies are actually coordinating their marketing campaigns in different channels according to CMO by Adobe. Here’s how to create, cultivate, and grow expert content marketers for our new era.

Blogging 61 upvotes 12 comments Posted by Johnathan Dane

Our team recently tuned into the Content Promotion Summit to learn from the best of the best. Here’s what we took away from the event. 

96 upvotes 54 comments Posted by Emily Kramer
1 AMA with Emily Kramer, Head of Marketing at Asana Must Read

Emily addressed a range of questions from growth to retention to scaling marketing teams, resurrecting users, Asana's hardest marketing challenge and more! A real treat to have her on to share her expertise and it makes for a great read.

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