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March 28, 2016

Hello, Holiday Crafters!

  1. Refashioned Cardboard Bins
  2. Vintage DIY Coat Rack -NEW!
  3. Neon Stacked Organizer -throwback!
  4. Time to Get Your Pantry In Order
  5. Craft Ribbon Organizer -prettiest!
  6. Why Haven't You Thought Of This?
  7. Ways You've Never Used to Organize Your Home -NEW!
  8. The Repurposed Door Organizer
  9. The Storage Bin Your Laundry Room is Missing
  10. Spring Cleaning Collapsible Bins
  11. Twine Covered Cans -make in 10
  12. I Didn't Know You Could Use That
  13. Genius Washi Tape Organizer
  14. Bold Birdhouse Organizer -cutest!
  15. Classy Storage Any Teen Will Love
  16. Hey! How did you fit your whole craft room in that jar?!
  17. Upcycled Craft Tool Caddy -carry me with you wherever you go!
  18. Dare to be decorative with your storage!
  19. Thread Organizer -you won't want to miss this one...
  20. This and That Storage
Spring Cleaning Collapsible Bins

Spring Cleaning Collapsible Bins

Refashioned Cardboard Storage Bins

Refashioned Cardboard Storage Bins


9 Insanely Awesome Sewing Ideas: How to Sew a Pillow, DIY Home Decor, and More - Find professional level projects in this eBook that range in style and project type!


Tranquil Treasures!

  1. Two Dollar Rose Votives
  2. Calming Lighting Lanterns
  3. Simple Seashells
  4. Mercury Candle Holders
  5. Calming Herb Hanger
  6. Quirky DIY Candles -NEW!
Colored Mercury Candle Holders

Colored Mercury Candle Holders

Calm Lighting Lanterns

STUNNING! Calming Lighting Lanterns

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What's Hot: Top 10 Crafts

  1. We Tried Weird Easter Candy So You Don’t Have To  and their reactions are hilarious!
  2. Coffee Filter Cherry Blossoms
  3. Bright and Blossoming Spring Trees
  4. Jazzy Junk Mail Bracelet -OMG I love this!
  5. The Best of the Beautiful Butterfly Crafts
  6. Clean Dreams Recycling Bin
  7. Toilet Paper Roll Art -honestly, this is adorable!
  8. Doubly Green Grocery Totes
  9. Earthy Mason Jar Soap Dispenser
  10. The most helpful craft ideas for Earth Day

I Did It!

  1. I Made a Spring Wreath!
  2. I Made a Candle Holder! -NEW!
  3. I Made a Crochet Butterfly!
  4. I Made a Paper Flower!
  5. I Made a Scarf!
  6. I Made a Mason Jar Lantern!
Bright and Blossoming Spring Trees

Bright and Blossoming Spring Trees


 Step into Spring!

  1. Recycled Paper Butterflies
  2. Robin's Egg Spring Wreath -NEW!
  3. Cutest Butterflies Mobile
  4. Clothespin Bunnies -too cute not to make!
  5. Make a Washcloth Bunny
  6. Lavender Jar Candles
  7. DIY Vintage Jar Collection
  8. Succulent Eggshell DIY Centerpiece -NEW!
  9. Mason Jar Flower Vases
  10. Labeled Pantry Jars
  11. Easy Easter Egg Wreath
  12. The Grass is Greener Wreath
The Grass is Greener Wreath

FRESH! The Grass is Greener Wreath


Crafty Knockoffs That Will Fool Everyone

  1. Urban Outfitters Headband
  2. Michael Kors Infinity Scarf -quick & easy!
  3. Crate and Barrel-Inspired Clock
  4. Elegant Swarovski Hair Pins
  5. Anthropologie Knockoff Headband
  6. Coldwater Creek Cardigan -printable!
  7. Prada-Inspired Rose Earrings
  8. The Breezy Missoni-Inspired Hat You'll Love
  9. J.Crew-Inspired Skirt
Anthropologie Knockoff Headband

Anthropologie Knockoff Headband

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