Hi Opnews,

You're posting content to Twitter. Tweeting it up a storm.

But still...

...nothing you share gets the attention it deserves.

You've wondered, what should I post on Twitter to increase engagement?

It's even become an annoying obsession.

You've turned to search, asking questions like "what things should I tweet about?

Unfortunately, the results are less than relevant to your business:

  • What should I tweet about my crush
  • What should I tweet a celebrity, or (and this is my fave...)
  • What should I tweet to One Direction?

Sure, that might be a fun thing to do on a Friday night after happy hour.

But today:

You know increased Twitter engagement leads to contacts, traffic, and sales.

That means it's time to get serious.

So where do you begin and how do you find the right content to share with your audience?

My post today includes 47 tips to help you get started.

Each one will give your brain a boost on those less than creative days.

But more than that, they'll build up audience appetite, keeping them hungry and coming back for more.

Read it here!

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