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Welcome back! The weekend is almost here and we've got lots of inspirational content to get it off to a great start. Do your creative muscles need flexing? If so, we've got some brilliant challenges to help awaken your creativity.

Finding the perfect font is never easy, or cheap, for that matter. If you're working on a budget, you're sure to find something suitable in our selection of top free web fonts.

Managing time can be tricky as a designer. If you struggle with it, don't miss some invaluable advice from artist Tammy Coron on how to better manage your schedule. Find all this and much more on the site every day!

SPONSORED: A Web Designer’s Guide to Pricing Strategies
The way you price your web design projects can seriously impact the financial success of your business. This article will walk you through three different pricing strategies, examine their benefits and weakness, and identify which ones could be most appropriate for your design or development firm. [Read more...]

5 challenges to awaken your creativity
The idea of practicing creativity might feel counterintuitive, but as this infographic from WriteMyEssays shows, everyone can take simple steps to build up their creative muscles. It's all about challenging yourself and your surroundings – and it's never too late to get started. [Read more...]

SPONSORED: 7 Tips to Calculate Your Freelance Rate
Judging your own monetary value is something newly independent web designers and developers can find extremely difficult. To help you figure out what you should charge as an hourly rate, we asked several successful freelance web designers for their advice. Here are their seven top tips. [Read more...]

The 37 greatest free web fonts
It's time-consuming to cut through the ocean of mediocre free fonts online, especially web fonts, to find the real gems that punch above their (zero) price tag. With this in mind, we've rounded up the greatest free web fonts from around the web to get you started. [Read more...]

7 ways to help you manage your time better
While there are many techniques to managing one's time, often, a simple approach works best. But being able to adapt to any situation is important. With that in mind, let's take a look at some ways to help you better manage your time. [Read more...]

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