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Happy humpday! If you need a little inspiration to get you through the week, we've got plenty of brilliant content to keep you motivated. There are some big things in store for the illustration world in 2016. Discover this year's biggest illustration trends – and which illustrators are leading the way.

You can hold a pencil properly, right? Find out if your grip is limiting your drawing skills.

Also this week, legendary artist Aaron Blaise explains how you can improve your character drawing, discover how to get started in CG, and explore the many ways UI kits can aid your design process. Find all this and much more on the site every day! 

8 huge illustration trends for 2016
For a long time photography has held sway over the illustrated image, but for a variety of reasons the pendulum seems to have swung back and illustration is in demand again. So, what do you need to know? Discover this year's biggest illustration trends – and which illustrators are leading the way. [Read more...]

How to hold a pencil correctly
Drawing from the fingers and wrist alone (which is the narrow range promoted by the standard hand writing grip) doesn't release the full potential of movement that drawing from the entire arm and shoulder affords us. Learn to wield your drawing tool like a pro with these eight steps to pencil precision. [Read more...]

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VFX, games, animation or producing; there's something for everyone at Escape Studios. NEW courses for all levels. All hands-on and industry focused. Are you ready to join the world of Escape Studios? [Read more...]

How to get started in CG
Issue 205 of 3D World comes with over 40 hours of free video training to get you started in CG art. Just pick up the issue to download your free content! With a cover tutorial on modelling, texturing and rendering a realistic mech, 3D World issue 205 focuses on hard surfaces and all things mechanical. [Read more...]

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How to improve your character drawing
During his early days at Disney, legendary artist Aaron Blaise would go through hundreds of variations of character designs while working on films such as The Lion King, Mulan and Brother Bear. Here he explains how to paint dynamic creatures using traditional thinking in digital art. [Read more...]

5 ways to speed up your design with UI kits
Think of UI kits like Lego pieces that you can snap easily together to create a quick mockup or prototype. In this article, Laura Busche of Creative Market dives deeper into UI kits best practise and explores the many ways UI kits can aid your design process. [Read more...]

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