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Financial Independence

September 6, 2016
Volume 8, Number 250

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Quote A Quote to Think About

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.
- John Wooden

What are your favorite money, goal-setting, positive thinking quotes? Would you share them with us, so that we may share them with everyone? Please email them to us.

Quote Today's To Do List
  • Daily Goal

Remember that we're building new habits, so it's important to be consistent. And, if you do miss a task, get restarted as soon as possible!

LiveBetter 3 Articles to Help You "Live Better...for Less"

Quote Today's Time or Money-Saving Tip

Cheaper Landscaping

One of our friends had a house built last summer. We visited, and he had wonderful landscaping. I asked him how he afforded all the greenery. He said that he spoke with local nurseries at the end of summer. Some held clearance sales. Others had auctions. All were looking to reduce their stock before the winter months. We want to make some changes to our landscaping. I think I'm going to contact some nurseries in September and October!

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Help Us to Help You
We'd like your help. We want FI to be a daily dose of inspiration to stay on track to achieving your financial goals and a resource that provides new tools to use. We're open to any suggestions for improvement that you might have. So many of the best ideas have come from you. So please send in your suggestions.. Your help is appreciated!

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