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A Personal Goal of Mine
joyce on bike reading bookMost people tell me that they know how to give their time at home and work but don't know how to take time for themselves. I am seeing this pattern more and more and this is one of the reasons why client's still bring me in to present my program, Take the Ride of Your Life; Shift Gears for More Balance, Growth and Joy
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"Joyce Weiss has a knack for getting to the point when it comes to communication. Her program has taken us to another level in our communication through out all ranks of our organization. This has allowed us to cut through our personal barriers to get to the real issues at hand."
- Nancy Wasczenski, President, Parda Federal Credit Union

Joyce is also a Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator, covering many topics including:

  • Communicate with Impact...Be Direct with Respect®,
  • Synergize Your Team: Ideas to Boost Morale,
  • Take the Ride of Your Life! Shift Gears for More Balance and Growth,
  • The New Normal: Doing More with Less,
  • Jungle Survival Simulation to Create Strong Teams,
  • Understanding Yourself and Others, New Work Realities
  • Bold Solutions to Boost the Bottom Line®: Change Your Thinking - Change Your Opportunities.

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