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Bragi takes it back to basics with their new wireless headphone

Posted: 05 Sep 2016 12:18 PM PDT

Bragi's wireless headphone gets simplified.

Photo: Bragi

Bragi is keeping it extra simple with their latest model, the Headphone. They've taken out the smart features from their flagship model and created a purely wireless earbud. The headphones feature six hours of battery life and its own dedicated carrying case that doubles as a charger. They also feature their Knowles balanced armature speakers for big sound in a small package and FitTips for ideal sizing on a variety of ear types. 

$119 pre-order ($149 retail) bragi.com

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Gore-Tex gets Clarks' Desert Boot ready for the fall

Posted: 05 Sep 2016 04:32 AM PDT

A technical upgrade for a fashion staple.

Photo: Clarks

The Clarks Desert Boot is footwear perfection. The style is incredibly versatile and that silhouette has earned itself elite status amongst the footwear greats. There is one problem though. The iconic "Sand Suede" colorway of the shoe loves to get dirty and those crepe soles aren't the exactly the best for wetter days. That's where Gore-Tex comes in. The technical textile giant has given the boots a full Gore-tex treated upper that is ready to fight the elements while the crepe sole gets swapped out for EVA with better traction and grip in harsh weather. 

$160, thehipstore.co.uk

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Montblanc balances the digital and analog with Augmented Paper

Posted: 05 Sep 2016 04:10 AM PDT

Proving ink and pixels can coexist in perfect harmony.

Photo: Montblanc

Whether you're a pen and paper purist or a lover of both, Montblanc may have finally found a happy medium between the two. The idea behind Montblanc's Augmented Paper is incredible simple: An elegant leather folio reveals a notebook and a StarWalker pen where you can take notes and transfer them right to your favorite device.

You write and doodle as you would normally and with just one press of a button, your ink becomes instantly digitized into an app that can read up to 12 languages and convert them to text for easy searching and editing. Augmented Paper will be available throughout Montblanc locations around the world this October and November while Harrods in London gets an early exclusive later this month. 


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Sony seeks the noise cancelling crown with their MDR-1000x headphones

Posted: 05 Sep 2016 03:50 AM PDT

The new Bose killer?

Photo: Sony

Picking a fight with Bose over their noise cancelling headphones hasn't been the easiest challenge for its competitors. The latest attempt on the travel favorite is Sony's is all-new MDR-1000X. The flagship noise cancelling headphone aims right at the competition with a number of features to ensure a perfect, noise-free listening experience. 

One of these features is called the "Sense Engine" and what it does is adjust the noise cancelling performance by examining the shape of the wearer's head and things like glasses or hair that may affect the noise cancellation quality. It also features 20 hours of battery life in wireless mode, Hi-Res Audio playback, an S-Master HX audio amp, and Sony's own LDAC technology that allows for higher quality audio than Bluetooth streaming. 

$400 (October), sony.com

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Sympl's Japanese Neoprene bags offer a luxurious alternative to leather

Posted: 05 Sep 2016 03:29 AM PDT

A new range of surf-inspired bags.

Photo: Sympl

If you've been looking for an alternative to leather, but still want something luxurious then we think you'll be quite impressed with Sympl's Supply Co.'s surf-inspired bag range. The company's all-black bags are constructed from a "smooth skin" Japanese neoprene that almost has the finish of a matte leather, but with the durability and resistance of neoprene. The bags comes in three styles that include a duffle, bucket bag, and dopp kit and all three styles feature waterproof ripstop lining. 

$70-$170, symplsupplyco.com

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Alpa celebrates 70 years with an Anniversary Edition Set

Posted: 05 Sep 2016 03:12 AM PDT

Seven decades of Swiss-crafted, imaging expertise.

Photo: Alpa

Alpa, one of the most prestigious names in photography is celebrating two milestones this year: their 70th anniversary and the 20th anniversary in medium format photography. To celebrate the Swiss company is releasing a limited edition anniversary set that commemorates their first medium format camera, the Alpa 12 SWA. 

The set will be limited to a run of 20 camera sets that will include a special edition ALPA 12 SWA body, Rodenstock/ALPA HR Alpagon 5.6/70 mm with lens hood, ALPA/Linhof 6x9 roll film back, ALPA viewfinder, light meter, and a roll of Fujilfilm Acros 100 film. Alternatively, the camera can also be used with the latest and greatest digital backs. 


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Shelby's new GTE brings a performance upgrade to the Mustang 5.0 and EcoBoost

Posted: 05 Sep 2016 03:11 AM PDT

A gateway drug to the world of Shelby performance tuning.

Photo: Carroll Shelby International

Shelby American is adding a new option for those looking for something a little more accessible from the legendary tuner. The new GTE adds a handful of upgrades both inside and out with a comprehensive kit that's available for the new 5.0L GT or the Mustang EcoBoost.

For $17,999, the company is offering performance tuning that will take your EcoBoost and bring it up to 340 hp with 390 lb-ft of torque while the throaty 5.0L V8 of the GT gets a boost to 456 hp with 424 lb-ft of torque. And that's just the beginning, Shelby will give you the option to get even more power with an astronomical 670-750+ horsepower with their factory supercharger option. 

The car also gets a series of exterior enhancements that include Ford Performance wheels, a Shelby GTE hood, Shelby upper and lower grilles, a Ford Performance front splitter, Shelby Rocker Panels, rear spoiler, and GTE striping and badging. 

From $17,999, shelby.com

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