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America: The ‘Indispensable’ nation

By Peter Lee U.S. is truly the indispensable nation when it comes to empowering, instead of restraining, ambitious regional powers to pursue their narrower interests in the name of anti-China containment. We can expect more of the same “indispensability” when Hillary … READ MORE


Turkey’s new sultan drives
Uncle Sam, 
Ivan and Ali up the wall

By M.K. Bhadrakumar Turkey’s display of strategic autonomy in Syria has unnerved the U.S., Russia and Iran. Ankara can give 3 days’ notice to cancel access for the US to the Incirlik base. As military balance changes, Iranian forces and Hezbollah have to get used to a superior power with boots on the ground in Syria. Although Moscow has urged Ankara to undertake course correction, future directions of Turkish intervention in Syria remain unclear… READ MORE


US-Saudi push for regime change arms 
terror groups, poses threat to Asia

By Christina Lin IS and Saudi Arabia share the same intolerant Wahhabi ideology. Such  extremism is dangerously changing the character of Asian states with large Muslim population like Indonesia. Realizing this threat and US-Saudi agenda for regime change, countries like China and India seem to forge coalition and formulate plans to counter them… READ MORE


War in Syria takes an ethnic turn

By Salman Rafi Are Russia, Iran, Turkey and Syria trying to reverse the gains Kurds have made against Islamic State in Syria? The official narrative from Damascus still harps on the need to clear the region of IS terrorists and consolidate the region. But as the ‘civil war’ drags, many other ethnic and religious minorities are feeling the pinch… READ MORE


Abu Sayyaf ready for fierce battle 

as Duterte sends in more forces

By Noel Tarrazona Most Filipinos were hoping that the Duterte Administration would be able to neutralize the Abu Sayyaf gang in weeks. But the latest killings of 15 soldiers in Sulu prove that the goal is not so easy to achieve… READ MORE


China, Turkey seal nuclear partnership

By Altay Atli Instead of distancing itself from its Western partners after the failed coup attempt of July 15, Turkey is trying to upgrade technological capabilities and secure access to clean energy through the nuclear deal with China. Beijing’s SNPTC is in the race for Turkey’s third nuclear power plant and it offers a number of advantages for the Turks like capacity improvement throughout the entire cycle of nuclear energy generation… READ MORE


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