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What can you do with a Transpersonal Psychology degree? Graduates from the Transpersonal Psychology program go on to do great things. They establish nonprofits, write books, open holistic clinics, lecture, mentor others, and so much more. Liz Garrett and Luis Palma are two graduates who used the knowledge gained at Atlantic University to go on and go great things. Scroll down to read more about these two outstanding alumni.

Liz Garrett, Atlantic University GraduateLiz Garrett, wellness coach, clinical aromatherapist, educator, speaker, and owner of Essential Wellness Coaching, Inc., provides private sessions combining aromatherapy and holistic wellness principles to support better health and happiness. She also works one-on-one with professionals seeking objective, confidential, individualized support. Liz also teaches workshops to small groups.

Luis Palma, Atlantic University GraduateLuis Palma, class of 2015, started Palma Wellness Therapies after graduation. This wellness center was founded on the premise that Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and brain entrainment music can be used to heal chronic stress, anxiety, depression, anger, and PTSD. Luis experienced a powerful transformation while attending Atlantic University, and says that it is his mission to help humanity ascend to the next level of spiritual evolution.

These are just a few of our amazing graduates who are pursuing their dream of making the world a better place. To read more stories, and learn more about AU graduates, take a moment to look through the quarterly Alumni Newsletter.

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*The Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology program is intended for those who would like to pursue a nonclinical degree in psychology. Students who complete this program are not certified to counsel patients and cannot qualify for clinical licensure.

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