Chick Fever, the Farm as Pharmacy, Your Herbal Multivitamins, and Much More!

Baby Chickens

Chick Fever: Getting started for less

Learn all the basics of starting out with chickens, including chick care, housing needs, feed, and how to raise a healthy and happy flock. Throughout this workshop, Melissa Caughey shares tips, hacks, secrets to egg laying, money-saving ideas, and more.


The Farm as Pharmacy

In a culture increasingly dependent on pharmaceuticals, the question begs to be answered: Is there a better way? Maureen Diaz looks to answer that question as she explores how we can regain and optimize our own health using food as medicine in this informative workshop.


The Nutritives: Your herbal multivitamin

Learn which herbs are nutritional powerhouses that can turn a tasty beverage or meal into good health maintenance. Maria Noel Groves, from Wintergreen Botanicals, discusses the best herbs for optimal health during this workshop.

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