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You're Wasting Your Vote: Jim Newell has a message for the young liberals who are thinking of swinging their support to Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, as a protest to the major party alternatives: Don't do it. Johnson's beliefs in small government and the free market cannot align with yours, no matter how much you might like his foreign policy.
His Health: Jeremy Samuel Faust watched Donald Trump's appearance on The Dr. Oz Show, and thought it was an object lesson in the many things gone amiss with the American heath care system. “What the tests [in his record] really revealed is that Trump’s medical regime seems to be a classic example of the overuse of resources ... by the wealthy,” Faust argues.
Her Health: Americans have long believed that the bodies of ambitious women must be toxic, monstrous, or otherwise compromised, I argue.
20 Years: Today in our series of stories looking back at the two decades (!!) since Slate was born, Christina Cauterucci remembers Kony 2012, the viral video that paved the way for clicktivist causes galore. The Kony "movement" became a punch line—but did it also teach valuable lessons in, as Cauterucci writes, "harvesting the power of the web for good"?
Fool of the Day: Jimmy Fallon mussed Donald Trump's hair, and made himself a laughingstock, Willa Paskin writes. In an election like this one, Fallon's "hail-fellow-well-met" schtick just isn't good enough.
For fun: Stark, beautiful midcentury British safety posters.
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