Does Content Marketing Work? We Have the Answer.
A Research-Based Answer to Your Question.

Hi Opnews --

Does content marketing actually work?

That's the question I asked myself a while back, so I did some homework. You might be surprised by the answer.

How Effective is Content Marketing? We took a look at the research and have an answer for you.

Did you know that if you improve your conversion rate from 1% to 2% it can grow your revenues by 50% or more? 

It's true. The challenge is that improving your conversion rate can be really difficult. Unless you use predictive scoring.

How can predictive scoring improve your conversion rate? That question is addressed in this interactive cheatsheet from EverString.

I learned a lot when I tried the interactive cheatsheet from EverString. I'm sure you will, too. Take it out for a spin!

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