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06 09 2016
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U.S.: Softwood and panel markets - Week 35, 2016

Framing lumber traders welcomed the approaching holiday as a chance to take a break from difficult market conditions. Some turned the three-day weekend into a four- or five-day vacation, resulting in sluggish sales for mills. Thursday’s downturn in futures added to the market’s bearish tone

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Poland(Bedziemysl) , 11-20 employees
Activities: Kitchen door manufacturers
Company type: Manufacturer/Producer
1BFT - St-Petersburg First Bio-Fuel Terminal
Russia(Saint-Petersburg) , 11-20 employees
Activities: Shipping - haulage - freight forwarding - logistics
Company type: Service provider
Products bought: Wood Briquets, Wood Pellets, Agripellets
Products sold: Wood Briquets, Wood Pellets, Agripellets
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