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The note is equivalent to $132 in U.S. funds and will be the first Gibraltarian note of any denomination made out of polymer.
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2015 centennial to be belatedly marked by a £100 note from Gibraltar

The notes will be manufactured by De La Rue on its Safeguard substrate and will be dated 21 AUGUST 2015


Why did an 1880 $1 United States note in 2014 auction bring 100 times its normal price?

Its face is virtually obliterated by an inscription in ink, matching the reddish brown color of the seal.

Notes used in durability tests for American Banknote Co. surface

There are notations that the Mexican ones were dry printed and the Brazilian notes wet printed.

Quadrum Intercept Holders

Active protection against tarnishing limit a coins exposure to ambient air and moisture. The highly porous, copper-based Intercept Technology material does even more: it neutralizes harmful atmospheric gases inside the capsule so that the coin is stored in a non-corrosive micro-climate. Protect your collection the right way! Order today!

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Intercept Technology Storage

Finally, a coin storage box that actively protect their contents! The secret lies in the lining, which contains patented Intercept Technology to purify the atmosphere inside the box and ward off tarnishing for copper, bronze, silver and gold coins. The beautiful, archival-quality glossy white boxes are made of inert materials. Order today!

A bombshell announcement: Monday Morning Brief, Sep. 5

Gold through the centuries and its limited and ever-lasting value.

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