Hey everyone, me again.


A few days ago I sent you an invite to attend an online webinar training by my guest specialist, internationally acclaimed marketing great, Tom Poland.



The Science of Being In Demand

Wednesday 30th Mar – NSW/VIC 7:00am – QLD 6:00am – NZ 9:00am

Tuesday 29th Mar – USA EST 4:00pm – BST 9:00pm

But after I sent the email I had a telepathic thought (OK, maybe it was just a garden-variety thought ☺) where I heard a whole bunch of people in my head asking …


“I’m kind of busy, can you give me a good

reason to invest 90 minutes of my time?”


To be fair, if I didn’t know Tom like I do, I’d be asking the same question.


So I’ve put together a few reasons why I, knowing what I do, would clear my diary at the time of Tom’s presentation, and make it my 100% absolute #1 priority to attend.


Reason #1: Proven Results

Tom’s systems have delivered results that are nothing short of phenomenal. And the great thing is that you don’t have to be a super star to benefit enormously from his model. Normal people (just like you and me) have benefited to the tune of tens of millions of dollars in extra revenue. If others have achieved that, maybe now it’s your turn? And if you want to check out the results of Tom’s model for yourself feel free to click here.


Reason #2: Knowing how to generate high quality leads, at will, is the key to your future security and satisfaction


If you currently rely mostly on word of mouth for lead generation, then you have an uncertain and unpredictable future ahead because word of mouth marketing can (and does) dry up leaving you vulnerable to a cash drought. The bottom line is that with word of mouth marketing, you are not in control of the flow of new leads and you are therefore not in control of your future. Scary, but true.


Tom’s model, on the other hand, incorporates specific systems (key word) that predictably (love that word too!) create a flow of high quality, inbound (another key word) new client enquiries. You simply push the buttons and pull the levers that Tom gives you and then YOU are in charge of Lead Generation and NOT the marketplace.


Reason #3: Tom’s model has been validated by one of the world’s best lead generators


Here’s what Dr. Ivan Misner, who has brought 185,000 new clients into his own business, had to say about Tom’s model…


“Fabulous! Leadsology® gives you the science behind figuring out EXACTLY how to create demand and generate a flow of high quality leads. Buy this book and put the formula to work in your business - the results speak for themselves.”

-       Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI & NY Times bestselling author


If the above are reasons enough for you, then I’d encourage you to book your spot early by clicking here:



The Science of Being In Demand

Wednesday 30th Mar – NSW/VIC 7:00am – QLD 6:00am – NZ 9:00am

Tuesday 29th Mar – USA EST 4:00pm – BST 9:00pm


Jeff Bullas


P.S. As mentioned in my last email, slots are genuinely limited and so I’d urge you to register now, book this in your scheduler AND turn up ten minutes early to make 100% certain that you get your slot. See you there!


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