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Monday, September 05, 2016 | www.hotelsmag.com

Yvette Jong
Äss Bar: Where buying day old bread is civilized

When was the last time you bought a loaf of bread and ate the entire thing the day it was baked? We were recently in Zurich for a business trip when I walked past.... MORE

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Larry Mogelonsky
What screens may come

Five hundred years from now when historians look back at the early modern era, they’ll likely identify the advent of the screen-based technologies – that.... MORE

Daniel Lesser
The reverse auction

The lodging industry has become one where technology and transparency have changed how travelers select and book hotel rooms, resulting in a reactionary evolution.... MORE

Inge Huijbrechts
Together we can do more: Water

One thing I learned by experience when sailing around the world is that water is precious. While floating around on oceans of salt water but having only limited amounts.... MORE

Dina Belon
Why zero-net energy is the future of hotel profitability

The hotel of the future doesn’t come with a housekeeping robot like the Jetsons. The hotel of the future is actually a zero-net energy facility. And what if.... MORE

Ed Ng
Design and cuisine

Terence and I have been lucky enough in our lives to have travelled far and wide across the globe and experienced many different cuisines and cultures. One of our.... MORE


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