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HTC Vive Pre preview: Five things it taught us about the consumer Vive
The HTC Vive Pre dev kit and consumer Vive are so close to being the same thing that we can't help but rattle off a few things we've learned from the Pre. Our biggest takeaway? The Vive may be the VR headset to get.  read more
Twisting puts the brakes on light in a vacuum
A team of researchers at the University of Ottawa has discovered that twisted light moves slower than the speed of light in a vacuum set by Einstein’s theory of relativity, with major implications for the development of quantum computing and communications.  read more
DARPA's latest grand challenge takes on the radio spectrum
DARPA has announced its latest Grand Challenge to use machine-learning technologies that will allow devices to share radio bandwidth.​  read more
Microsoft's "holoportation" lets you augment someone else's reality
Microsoft's has developed a 3D video capture system that allows for 3D renderings of people to be virtually transported to any environment in real-time.  read more
Cygnus cargo ship successfully docks with ISS
NASA reports tThe Cygnus Orbital ATk Crs-6 mission docked with the International Space Station (ISS) at 6:51 am EDT using one of the station's robotic arms. It was then transferred to the Unity Module, where it docked with one of the Earth-facing ports.  read more
DARPA's satellite repair robot makes house calls
DARPA has released a video outlining the agency's vision of a mobile robotic servicing system designed to rendezvous with and repair ailing telecommunications satellites.​  read more
Mobile Technology
iPhone SE vs. iPhone 6s
Apple's iPhone SE is new and old coming together: a combination of an iPhone 5s-era exterior with many internals from the current iPhone 6s flagship. Let's see exactly how the two compare.  read more
Material that recycles sunlight could be next big leap for solar cells
Researchers at Cambridge have discovered that hybrid lead halide perovskites can actually recycle photons from light, which could lead to solar cells that are orders of magnitude more efficient than anything currently in use.  read more
Bowl-free feeding system brings out the hunter in your cat
A crowdfunding project is looking to put your cat's natural hunting instincts to work, offering an all-in-one feeding system that, according to the project's creators, could even improve your pets mental health. The NoBowl system promotes exercise, and mimics the animal's natural cycle of hunting.  read more
Digital Cameras
Hands-on: Canon’s 1D X Mark II DSLR is a wonderfuly powerful beast
We go hands-on with the Canon 1D X Mark II DSLR to see what professional news and sports photographers can expect when the cameras start shipping next month. If our impressions are anything to go by, we think they are going to be very happy indeed.  read more
Homage to brutalist icon inspires a habitat made of pixels
In what Bjarke Ingels says will be a striking departure for the city's architecture, the Danish architect has designed a homage to Moshe Safdie's Habitat 67 for Toronto, Canada. King Street West will appear like a mass of undulating pixels flowing up and over buildings that are already on the site.  read more
Urban Transport
Electric rollerblades go off the beaten track
Poland's Jack Skopinski, the force behind the EV4 tilting electric quad we covered last year, has come up with a stand-up contender for the off-road-with-ease crown – some electric off-road rollers with rubber tracks.​  read more
In photos: The best from the New York Auto Show
From the modern-luxe Genesis New York Concept to the Audi R8 V10 Spyder, there was something for everyone on display at the New York Auto Show. Take a look through our gallery to check out all the exciting metal on display in the city that never sleeps.   read more
Jaguar goes time traveling and brings back the 1957 XKSS
Who says you can't change history? Jaguar has committed to doing just that. Jaguar Classic will complete nine 1957 XKSS models that were planned but never finished.   read more
Wraparound jet engine design could put window seats at a premium
Airbus has filed a US patent application for a new multi-fan jet engine design, which has the engine nacelles wrapping around the airplane's fuselage instead of suspended from the wing.   read more
Wounds may be treated using ... frog foam?
When the Tungara frog lays its eggs, it also produces a foam. Surrounding the eggs, that foam protects them. As it turns out, a synthetic version of the substance may also one day have another use – delivering medication to serious skin wounds.  read more
Urban Transport
Self-balancing wheelchair goes hands-free
A New Zealand designer is revamping the traditional wheelchair design with a new model that frees the arms of the user. Instead of using the hands to create movement, the user moves their upper body to direct the two wheels.   read more
Solar activity sparks powerful X-ray aurorae on Jupiter
Solar activity can prompt a massive increase in the intensity of Jupiter's polar aurorae, according to a new study drawing on data collected by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory.  read more
Nissan surprises New York with Titan XD gasoline version
During the Nissan Titan’s unveiling at the New York show, all eyes were on the expected Titan gasoline models, the slightly smaller and more standard fare full-sized pickup promised for the new-generation Titan. A surprise was the unveiling of a Titan XD gasoline as well, in all its imposing glory.  read more
Clay Roof House keeps cool with a twist of terracotta
Malaysia's Drtan Lm Architect was recently commissioned to undertake an extensive renovation of an old dilapidated house. The firm quickly found that the home contained a large number of intact terracotta tiles and the decision was made to recycle them into a sun-shading brise soleil.   read more
Had one too many? This breathalyzer car key will let you know, keep your engine from starting
A new kind of smart key could help drivers make a very important decision not to drive when they've had too much to drink.   read more
Improved understanding of genetics offers new hope for diabetics
Diabetes is a widespread health problem, affecting some 400 million people across the planet. Significant progress is being made to find new treatments, with researchers discovering a common genetic defect in beta cells that may be a big factor in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.  read more
VW unveils diesel-less US-spec model of 2017 Alltrack wagon
Entering showrooms in the fall of 2017, the VW Golf Alltrack is a larger, more crossover-like version of the SportWagen with many identifiable elements from the Golf line. VW was careful not to mention diesel engines, however, when we saw the prototype in Denver, Colorado.  read more
Ancient ice reveals tilting of Earth's moon
Using data from numerous missions, researchers have gathered evidence that the spin axis of Earth's moon actually shifted quite substantially in the body's ancient past. The researchers were looking at how ice is deposited at the two poles, when the mirrored distribution revealed the secret.  read more
Wireless WeKast offers alternative solution to awkward laptop presentations
The pocket-sized WeKast is designed to be plug and play, instantly casting presentations from a mobile device without the need of Wi-Fi, cables, or a laptop.  read more
Nissan refreshes GT-R supercar for 2017
The Nissan GT-R launched in 2007 as the brand's halo car, wowing the world with unbridled power and cornering speed. For 2017, the GT-R has received its first major makeover since its launch and the results were unveiled in New York on March 23.  read more
Hole in the ground wins skyscraper competition
Imagine standing on the edge of New York's Central Park and looking down into a sunken expanse of mountains and lakes. This is the award-winning concept dreamt up by Yitan Sun and Jianshi Wu, who have envisioned digging down to the bedrock of the park to create a more natural landscape.  read more
Our Sun could get angrier than we thought
​Fresh research has revealed that devastating solar storms known as "superflares" are generated via the same process as common solar flares produced by our Sun.  read more
Audi R8 Spyder V10 muscles 540 hp into New York
Audi unveiled the new R8 Spyder V10 at the New York International Auto Show 2016 with the fury of a 3.6-second 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) fueled by 540 horsepower (397 kW). The car features a host of improvements to the R8 to build on the performance car's popularity.  read more
Chevy gets down and dirty in Bangkok with Colorado Xtreme
Most of the automotive world's attention is focused on New York, but there's also another international auto show going on right now. The Bangkok Motor Show is the host of the new Chevy Colorado Xtreme, a tough, off-road-ready Colorado show truck.   read more
Gorgeous Genesis New York Concept previews the next generation of Korean luxury
Genesis has used the New York show to launch a stunning, hybrid powered sedan previewing the company's future design language.   read more
Prefab small home appears to float in mid-air
Portuguese prefabricated architecture firm Mima Housing recently unveiled its latest design, the Mima Light. Featuring a mirrored base section that appears to make it float, the compact home can run off-the-grid.  read more
iPerformance 330e: BMW plug-in hybrid 3 Series to land in Q3 for $44,695
BMW has announced details of a plug-in hybrid variant of the 3 Series sedan, which will be called the 330e iPerformance. Available in the third quarter of 2016 and starting at US$44,695, the iPerformance offers a twin-turbo engine coupled to a plug-in powertrain.​  read more
Construction of first US offshore wind farm due for completion this year
Last year saw construction begin on the US's first offshore wind farm. The 30-MW Block Island Wind Farm will be located about 3 mi (4.8) off the coast of Block Island in the US state of Rhode Island, but its components are currently being constructed around the world.  read more
Urban Transport
Tokyo trial for two-wheeled Toyota
Toyota's two-wheeled personal mobility vehicle, the Winglet, is to be trialed on public sidewalks in the Tokyo Waterfront City district Japan's capital city. Unveiled in 2008, the Winglet is similar to the the Segway, with users shifting their bodyweight to control it.  read more
Modern take on rock classic takes flight
Back in January, 660 Guitars made a company and product debut at California's Winter NAMM Show with the aluminum-bodied Patriot guitar. Now the Texan guitar builders have officially added a thoroughly modern version of Gibson's iconic Flying V to the American-made guitar line. Meet the Aviator AV27.  read more
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