Happy Easter! We are Sharing 4 Articles Including the Absolute BEST Article on Turnkey Real Estate Investing
We are excited to share 4 Real Estate Investing Articles this week and would love your feedback. Leave us a comment!


We hope you had a wonderful weekend with family and
friends!  It is amazing how quickly this year is flying by.  

This week we have 4 articles including the single best
resource we have ever printed on Turnkey Real Estate
investing and a resend of two timely articles including
tax program advice.

Be on the lookout for a couple of big articles this week
including announcements on these two topics:

1.  The two fastest growing cities in the U.S. 

2.  A HUGE announcement on a special guest joining us 
for our big event in Dallas, TX. April 29 & 30!

We hope you have a fantastic week!

To your continued success,



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Want To See First-Hand The Biggest Turnkey Real Estate Company in the U.S.?  Here's Your Chance...

Join 200 real estate investors and meet with us on Friday night April 29th, and Saturday April 30th. We will be having a Reception Friday night at our Dallas office, from 5:30-7pm. Saturday morning from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM we will be meeting at the Dallas Hilton - Southlake Town Square, and after the event, we will be hosting a barbeque at our office in Grapevine! An exclusive event like this is for those investors who want to make sure they are working with the best team in the best cities.  If you are ready to ... READ MORE


6 Highly Rated Retirement Planning Books to Read This Spring

As we head into Spring, it’s time to take make room on the bookshelf from new reading! You may have some of these on your shelves already, but there’s no doubt some new releases you’ll want to check out, too.  For this list, we’re specifically covering books on retirement planning since many real estate investors look to use their investments as a way to save up for the ... READ MORE

Passive Income at Its Best: Navigating Turnkey Real Estate Investing

Every week, more and more first time investors head onto the road to learning about their options and getting started in real estate.  There is a lot to learn.  What is even better is the fact that there are millions of experienced investors in both real estate and other markets that are making moves daily to get into the real estate investing game. That’s great! But hey—there are a ton of options out there in real estate. It’s not ...


Top Tax Prep Programs for Real Estate Investors

Tax season is upon us! With only a little time left to file this year, no one wants to be left paying more to Uncle Sam than we have to.  For real estate investors, nothing can really match the expert eye of a licensed CPA—but if you choose to rely on technology, we like to ensure that we’re picking reliable software!  Not all programs or apps are created equal. Tax software doesn’t always ... READ MORE


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