She's def been following her Weekly Schedule ;) 

Hey bunnies!!!

We hope you're having an amazing Sunday. Have you seen the new layout? You've got daily videos, plus we added moves of the day that you can do anywhere! Isn't it so great knowing how many minutes your Booty Call will take each day?! And the Daily Workout feature makes following along such a breeze!

Remember to always be logged into ToneItUp.com to access the Daily Workout under FITNESS. We also save that page on our phone to our homescreen (just click the arrow at the bottom of Safari to set it!)

We know you're a busy girlboss, so convenience is key, and keeping your workouts efficient makes all the difference in the world!! Plus we give video options every day!

Keep the consistency coming girlfriend... It's paying off!! 

If you have the chance to meal prep (after family and Easter festivities), we recommend getting into spring cleaning mode and tossing out any old or expired food that may be lingering around! Start your week with a beautiful, fresh fridge and organized meal-prep containers. It's the first step to a week of success!

Now get that cotton tail into gear - we've got a week to tackle 💪













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