How Millionaires Next Door Grow Wealthy: The Simple Dollar's Weekly Roundup

Hello! Please enjoy the best of The Simple Dollar from the past week, from how 'next-door millionaires' make and keep their money to visiting Disney World on a budget.

In Case You Missed It: This Week's Best from The Simple Dollar
Seven Ways Millionaires Next Door Grow Wealthy (and Stay That Way)
By Holly Johnson

When most people hear the word "rich," they imagine people like the Kardashians, pop stars, and pro athletes. But most real-world millionaires spend their time and energy working to accumulate wealth, not buying flashy cars or expensive jewelry.
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The Moment vs. the Big Picture
By Trent Hamm

Being frugal doesn't mean constantly saying 'no' to yourself -- fun and frugal aren't mutually exclusive. It means striking a balance. 
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Is It Still Possible to Do Disney on a Budget?
By Saundra Latham

It may never be cheap, especially with new seasonal pricing. But the "happiness place on Earth" doesn't have to be the most expensive either, if you use a couple of these strategies.
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On Money and Social Acceptance
By Trent Hamm

 Do you have certain friendships that cost you money? Remember: "Companionship, friendship, and intimacy are all available free of charge to people who sincerely extend their love to others.”
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My Ultimate Guide to Free Things I Like to Do
By Trent Hamm

Here's a giant collection of the many fun ways our family fills up our free time -- with an emphasis on free
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