Last year, I had this heartbreaking conversation.

So get this, I had this awesome remote office where I lived in Connecticut, about 40 minutes outside NYC, and I would walk around the corner pretty often to get a coffee.

There was this girl that worked there that I saw quite a lot, and this day in particular she seemed a bit quiet.

So I asked her how things were going.

"Eh, just a bit tired today."

I tried to joke with her a bit, she looked about 22, so I said, "too much partying?"

She kinda awkwardly laughed and said "I wish."

She then started to tell me her story a bit, and I just sat and listened.

She went on to tell me about how she got pregnant at 16, and now she had two kids (and was 22).

She never went to college, and now she was working on putting herself through college.

Since she opened the coffee shop at the train station, she had to be there at 5 am, and since she didn't make enough to own a car, she got up at 3:30 am.

But since she was a single mom, she had two kids to get in bed after her (second) job - so sometimes she slept 3, 4 hours a night.

I'm sitting there listening, realizing that this girl has two kids, multiple jobs, and is trying to go back to school.

She said that she would work at the coffee shop 5 am to about 3 pm, and then off to another job.

All with public transit, which took about four times as long.

Then home to help her kids and be a mom... and sleep three more hours.

And I NEVER heard her complaining.

Not once.

It just really struck a chord, because at one point I was this whiney little bitch of a 20 something, complaining about how hard it was working 13 hours a day with a day job and a business.

I complained about not having an hour of free time a day.

Meanwhile, she had two kids, two jobs, and slept half the goddamn hours, and was working just as many hours.

You better believe that shut me the hell up.

Look, the reason I'm sharing this is simple: I get it, shit's hard. 

You might have it 10x harder (or easier).

I don't know.

But after reading that, can you honestly tell me you can't hustle a bit to find your dream job, build your dream business, or figure this 20s/30s shit out?

I bet you can.

- Alex


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