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Hi Coach,

A brand new issue of Peak Performance for September has just been released.

Inside this packed issue are articles on minimising cramping risk, when to submit to an injury and when to train through, practical advice to help you avoid and recover from unexplained underperformance syndrome and more!

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Inside September's issue...

#1 - New Thinking on Muscle Cramps: When muscle-cramping strikes, it can scupper even the best-laid plans. I look at commonly-used strategies to minimise cramping risk and explain how recent research provides a revolutionary new anti-cramping approach.
Brand new issue of Peak Performance
#2 - Training Through Pain: Is it ever safe to "work through" the pain of an injury? Trevor Langford provides the answers to when and how to train through pain.

#3 - Under Performance Mystery: James Marshall explores the phenomenon of "unexplained underperformance syndrome" (UUPS) in athletes and provides practical advice to help you avoid or recover from UUPS.

#4 - Hierarchy of Performance: Multi sports coach and author Joe Beer reveals which sports technologies will really help your performance and includes a case study of his client Adrian Lane - a time trial improver.

#5 - Peak Performance Hotline: Rounding off this issue, I detail the latest thinking in sport science on caffeine timing, lactate measurement and pre-sleep feeding.

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Yours in fitness,

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Andrew Hamilton
Editor, Peak Performance Lite

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