Is Tallahassee inching towards a seller's market now?
What a difference a year or two marks when looking at supply and demand in the Tallahassee housing market.

After 8 long years of glut and over-supply, we are now looking at pockets of scarcity, where the number of buyers exceeds the sellers in the market.

For these areas and price ranges, we are indeed entering a sellers’ market.

But this is not the full story, find out more about the changing relative supply of homes in Tallahassee in this week’s special report.

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Lafayette Oaks Listings And Home Sales Report
Tallahassee's first gated community is Lafayette Oaks, and it is located on the northeast side of town.

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Hampton Creek Listings & Housing Report
If you are looking to buy a newer home for around $150,000, consider Hampton Creek.

The true "boom neighborhood," Hampton Creek exploded into existence in 2004 and rapidly produced 220 homes for the Tallahassee real estate market.

With its convenient location on Apalachee Parkway just beyond Conner Boulevard, and a mix of townhouses and single family detached homes, buyers are attracted to low home prices and homes that have many modern features and amenities.

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Lakeshore Estates Listings & Real Estate Report

If you want the convenience of living in NE Tallahassee without having to pay the price for NE Tallahassee, consider looking at Lakeshore Estates.

Lakeshore Estates is located just west of East-West line in Tallahassee, along the western edge of Meridian Road, north of the Interstate and south of Timberlane road.

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How To Get Started In A Real Estate Career

If you want to know how to get started in real estate as a career, you should first do a little self analysis to see if it is the type of work you will enjoy.

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