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Power Tools
Lots and Lots of Power Tools
By: Rodney Wilson
Last week, online editor Jon Russelburg and I attended the 2016 International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a whirlwind few days of shaking hands, trading cards, connecting with vendors and looking at power tools - lots and lots of power tools.

We can all agree there's something beautiful about long, perfect shavings scrolling off a jack plane's sharpened blade, but a machine designed to perform a task quickly and accurately is lovely in its own right. And, as Jon and I saw in Georgia, there's an expertly-crafted power tool for just about any shop task you can imagine.

Whether you're a seasoned power tool user or a hand-tool devotee curious about the other side, our new Power Tools Collection is packed with information, tips and tricks to get you plugged in and making furniture (and noise).

Quickly process lumber to flat, perfect boards with "Jointers & Planers" from the Power Tool Essentials series, then master an important shop tool with "The Table Saw," from the same series. "Router Tips for the Period Woodworker" gets you churning out colonial designs with post-colonial speed.

The brand-new "Power Tool Essentials: The Band Saw" DVD and "New Complete Guide to Band Saws" book will help you gain comfort and speed with this versatile machine. And "Bill Hylton's Power-Tool Joinery" eBook shows you how to use your arsenal of power tools to create everything from dovetails to mortise-and-tenon joints.

Priced at just $87.49 (that's over 45% off!), this instructional collection will make a power tool power user out of you. So dust off that wall outlet and learn something new - don't worry, your jack plane will wait for you.

Power Tool Essentials
Power Tools Collection
Retail Value: $161.94
Your Price: $87.49

Power Tools Collection
Available as a Bundle

In this attractively priced collection of videos and books, you'll learn what you need to know (from machine setup and use to advanced techniques) to make the most of the most common power tools in the home shop: the table saw, jointer, planer, bandsaw and router. Plus, Bill Hylton's classic book Power Tool Joinery will help you quickly get up to speed on using your machines safely and efficiently to produce the joints you need for solid and lasting furniture work.

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The Power Tools Collection Includes: 

Jointers & Planers - A User's Guide

Meet the dynamic duo of lumber preparation. The jointer makes boards straight and flat, then the planer finishes the process by machining a parallel board to an exact thickness. Doug Dale shares his years of experience with both so you get the best results. You’ll learn simple maintenance and accurate setup for both machines, where to stand and how to position your hands and body for the safest, most accurate performance, how to handle boards with twist and cup, the real story on snipe – and how to avoid it, and much more! Dale’s expert advice will quickly have you using these two machines in tandem to prepare lumber with maximum efficiency and precision.

Power Tool Essentials: The Table Saw

Table saws are the workhorses of any shop. You can improve your saw's performance and accuracy by spending a little time on maintenance and understanding your machine. Doug Dale has taught thousands of woodworkers and his knowledge can make you a better woodworker. You'll learn the occasional maintenance and adjustment steps that will keep your saw safe, accurate and easy to use, ripping and cross-cutting tips for sheet goods and solid wood, how to improve cuts using the proper blades, to accessorize your saw with shop-made and commercially available products, and much more!

Router Tricks for the Period Woodworker

A router can be a good friend to the period furniture woodworker. It adds speed and accuracy, and the tool pairs well with some simple jigs to help you with your next period project.

Power Tool Essentials: The Band Saw

The band saw is a truly versatile machine able to cut accurate, thin straight lines, intricate curves, resaw thick lumber (and thin veneers) and many other specialty cuts. All that's required is setting up the machine correctly and the rest is simple.

A New Complete Guide to Band Saws

This essential guide to woodworking's most versatile tool includes a thorough analysis on everything needed to know in order to purchase, setup, use, and maintain a band saw. This book details what woodworkers need to know before purchasing a saw--including the eight questions to ask before buying a used saw--along with topics such as a part-by-part overview of every component of the saw, techniques of set-up and alignment, choosing the right blade, and understanding hand positioning to provide any woodworker with the most complete guide to a band saw. Special sections are devoted to band saw accessories, how to deal with common problems, and how to maintain a band saw to keep it running effectively and efficiently for years.

Bill Hylton's Power-Tool Joinery

In Bill Hylton's Power-Tool Joinery you'll learn shop-tested techniques and explanations as to the why's and how's of joinery. Also included are plans for jigs and fixtures that will help you cut individual joints accurately and safely. This in-depth guide will have you cutting joints like a pro in no time!

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