Dear FlyLady,

This morning, I decided to follow your "dressed to shoes" advice, despite the fact that it was a) Sunday and b) my day off and c) I was very tired.

Thank goodness I did this!

My (usually) beloved little dog, a headstrong beagle-mix, took off on an energetic run around the neighborhood, me in hot pursuit. To say I passed a lot of people, cars, etc. is putting it mildly.

In the midst of all of this chaos (the regular kind : ) I had a passing thought of "Thanks to FlyLady for encouraging this getting dress to your shoes", because I had a quick flash back to what I would have been wearing otherwise.

So, I guess I am learning that Fly-ing has taught me some great coping skills -- even in moments of near crisis (multiple cars had to stop to prevent me & the dog from getting hit), I thought of the "dressed to the shoes" -- which also helped me to be able to run after him, better than the mis-matched flip flops I had on previously.

Thanks from me and the (usually) beloved little dog, who is presently under "house arrest".

Flying (slowly but surely) in Connecticut

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