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Monitoring Underground Utility Valves
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Valuable information to help you plan your RFID
deployment and determine the potential ROI:

Utility Maintenance Workers Gain Efficiency With RFID
VarodaRent Uses RFID to Manage Rented Moving Equipment
RFID Helps Greek Rail Service Save Money
Gophr Uses Wireless Sensors to Map Pollution
WestLotto Hopes to Get Lucky With BLE Technology
RFID Process Improvements Require Managerial Commitment
Pixie Wants to Find Things for Consumers, Businesses
University Adopts Beacons to Provide Wayfinding, Discounts, Alerts
Learn How to Track and Manage Everything With RFID
RFID Journal LIVE! Europe
London, England • 9-10 Nov., 2016
Hear how radio frequency identification can be used to improve efficiencies, enhance visibility, reduce shrinkage and more. The event will feature RFID certification training and a retail track focused on the benefits that can be achieved with the technology, both internally and within supply chains. Find the right solutions and meet leading technology partners to move forward.
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Featured Story

Spain's Hospital de la Vega Gets Connected
An IoT platform gathers data from multiple sources, puts it in context and disperses critical information in real time, improving patient care and internal processes.
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Editor's Note

RFID, Productivity and Workers
By Mark Roberti
Some view the big productivity gains RFID technology can bring as a threat to workers' jobs and wages, but the reality is complex.
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Expert View

RFID Retail Transformation:
New Ways to Manage the Costs

By Dean Frew
If there is a retail RFID genie, he's on the verge of being permanently let out of the bottle.
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Out in Front

The Internet of Clothes
By Mark Roberti
A research project aims to link clothing to the Internet so items can be shared or donated automatically to charities when they are no longer being worn.
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Ask the Experts Forum

Is There a Way to Know Precisely the Read Range
of an RFID Antenna?

Question: "Would this be possible for both high-frequency (HF) and ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) technologies?"
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Creating a Dynamic Manufacturing Environment
Through the Industrial Internet of Things

The way in which individuals and machines interact is being transformed by using data and analytics to drive efficiency gains, accelerate productivity and achieve overall operational excellence. This new approach to managing workflow brings the Industrial Internet of Things to the factory floor, by wirelessly connecting machines and containers, enabling them to be tracked in real time as they flow through a factory. This video offers specific examples from case studies to examine how Fortune 500 companies are embracing the IIoT to create dynamic, intelligent operational environments that are setting the standard for manufacturing in the United States.
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Speaker: George Daddis Jr., Ph.D., CEO and President, Omni-ID
Duration: 38 minutes | Published: 16 Aug., 2016
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Upcoming European Event

Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference 2016
19-20 Sept., 2016 • London, England
This conference will outline how to create and manage a bimodal value chain strategy that achieves essential performance goals while allowing for iteration and experimentation.
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RFID in Retail and Apparel
New York, N.Y. • 6 Oct., 2016
RFID improves inventory accuracy and a retailer's ability to replenish stock in a timely, effective manner. Brick-and-mortar retailers like lululemon athletica, Macy's and Marks & Spencer are using the visibility that RFID provides to enable omnichannel retailing and improve the in-store customer experience. RFID in Retail and Apparel is the one event that focuses on how to use RFID in stores and throughout the supply chain.
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Top News

Utility Maintenance Workers Gain Efficiency

Hofor has already tagged 10,000 of its underground utility valve caps for an RFID system from Veriloc, which allows workers to read historical data regarding each valve before beginning maintenance tasks.
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VarodaRent Uses RFID to Manage Rented
Moving Equipment

The Dutch company cut its office labor costs nearly in half by using the technology to track which containers, dollies and other items are shipped to customers, as well as when they are returned.
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RFID Helps Greek Rail Service Save Money

TrainOSE is using a UHF RFID system from Trinity Systems to track the locations of freight cars, in order to improve logistics and reduce the fees it must pay if third-party railcars are not returned to their owners on time.
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Gophr Uses Wireless Sensors to Map Pollution

The London delivery service provider is collaborating with technology companies to equip bicycle couriers with Bluetooth-enabled sensors in order to understand the cyclists' exposure to harmful emissions.
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WestLotto Hopes to Get Lucky With BLE

The German lottery operator is in the middle of a six-month pilot of a system that uses Bluetooth beacons to send promotional offers to WestLotto app users, and then monitors how those individuals respond.
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Researchers Say RFID-Related Process
Improvements Require Managerial Commitment

A three-university study finds that RFID-enabled hand-washing technology boosted hygiene compliance at hospitals by an average of 20 percent, but without sustained managerial support, those gains disappeared.
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Pixie Wants to Find Things for Consumers,

The Israeli firm integrated DecaWave's UWB technology into tiny location-tracking tags that work in conjunction with an augmented-reality smartphone app.
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Liverpool John Moores University Adopts
Beacons to Provide Wayfinding, Discounts, Alerts

The school is deploying an app-based solution from Mando that delivers location-based content to students as they move around campus.
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Companies in Aerospace and Defense Are
Deploying RFID to Track Parts

RFID in Aerospace and Defense
Long Beach, Calif. • 19-20 Oct., 2016
This unique event will cover a wide variety of applications relevant to the aerospace and defense sectors, including tracking assets, managing inventory and supply chains, monitoring work-in-process, reducing the incidence of foreign objects left onboard, enhancing worker safety, complying with customer requirements and much more. Leading aerospace and defense companies are benefiting from RFID today. Learn how you can, too.
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• RFID in Retail and Apparel
     6 Oct., 2016 • New York, N.Y.
• RFID in Aerospace and Defense
     19-20 Oct., 2016 • Long Beach, Calif.
• RFID Journal LIVE! Europe
     9-10 Nov., 2016 • London, England
• RFID Journal LIVE!
     9-11 May, 2017 • Phoenix, Ariz.
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• RFID for Warehouse and Inventory Management
     13 Sept., 2016 • 11 AM to 1 PM EDT (3 PM to 5 PM UTC)
• RFID in the Food Industry
     26 Oct., 2016 • 11 AM to 1 PM EDT (3 PM to 5 PM UTC)
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• Identifying the Right RFID: Best Practices for Choosing
   an HF or UHF System for Your Industrial Applications

     12 Oct., 2016 • 2 PM to 3 PM EDT (6 PM to 7 PM UTC)
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