I once wrote, We all like to appear 'successful' (a nebulous term at best) and the media like to portray standouts as superheroes...Most 'superheroes' are nothing of the sort.
“The good in life does not depend on life’s length, but upon the use we make of it. It is possible, or rather usual, for a man who has lived long, lived too little.” – Seneca the Younger

I once wrote, “We all like to appear ‘successful’ (a nebulous term at best) and the media like to portray standouts as superheroes…Most ‘superheroes’ are nothing of the sort. They’re weird, neurotic creatures who do big things DESPITE lots of self-defeating habits and self-talk.”

Focusing on what people accomplish without understanding the mindset that enables success leads to limited results. To help close the gap, I wanted to share On The Shortness of Life by Seneca the Younger. It’s a short letter written roughly two thousand years ago, yet it’s timeliness.

This is an essay that I revisit at least once a quarter because it focuses on how much time we’re given in life, and how it’s oftentimes misused or wasted.

You can listen to my favorite portion here, which begins with:

This is a fantastic reminder to mind the critical few and to ignore the trivial many.

You can listen to this one and the rest of the collection via the Tao of Seneca at Audible.com/TimsBooks.


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The Tim Ferriss Show
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After listening to this letter, how can you make a more productive use of your time? Please let me know in the comments.

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