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Party conference season has begun
This weekend, we attended the first of the party conferences of the major British political parties. The season kicked off with the Green Party of England and Wales' conference in Birmingham.

Party conferences are always a great opportunity for us to network with politicians of all political colours and, just as importantly, to recruit new members of the BHA from each of those parties.

At the Green Party's conference, we met many humanists who were interested in becoming more involved with our work and that of Green Humanists, a new BHA affiliate group within the Greens. That same weekend, two supporters of our policies were elected as co-leaders of the Greens: Jonathan Bartley (a Christian who as co-director of Ekklesia helped co-found the Accord Coalition with us) and Caroline Lucas MP, a humanist. 

In the coming weeks we'll also be attending the Conservative Party, Labour Party, and Liberal Democrats' conferences, working in tandem with the Conservative Humanists, Labour Humanists, and Humanist & Secularist Lib Dems. If you're at any of these events, please come and pay a visit to our stall and be sure to come along to our fringe events, where we'll be speaking on some of our major issues alongside BHA supporters from each of the parties.

If we're to be an effective force for our vision of a secular state, our movement must tap into wells of support from across the political spectrum. A rational, humanist outlook on issues is sorely lacking from our national debate, so if you're looking to get involved in the party-political humanist group which most closely matches your political beliefs, there's never been a better time to do so.
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