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On Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook will take the stage and is expected to announce the company's next wave of hardware products. It's an annual occasion that is anticipated by nearly everyone in tech.

To prepare you for Wednesday's event, we've pulled together some of our recent reporting on where Apple is headed. It's a great look at the years that have passed, and where Cupertino is headed in the future.

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What Apple’s Investment in Didi Means
What Apples Investment in Didi Means Apple’s investment in Didi could help the company curry favor in China. Longer-term, it could help Apple compete against Google in technology to power self-driving cars.

Apple Opening Siri, Developing Echo Rival
Apple Opening Siri Developing Echo Rival In May, we reported on Apple's plans to make its Siri voice-activated virtual assistant a little smarter by letting it tap apps installed on the iPhone. We also reported that Apple is developing a speaker with a microphone that would rival devices made by Amazon.com and Google.

At Apple, the Sumner Boys Help Build a Car
At Apple the Sumner Boys Help Build a Car Three brothers from North Carolina worked on the same engineering team at Apple’s Siri group before transferring to its secret car project, which seems to have run into challenges beyond their control. At least one is planning to return to North Carolina because of the Bay Area’s high costs.

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Infighting Slows Apple’s Cloud Engineering Efforts
Infighting Slows Apples Cloud Engineering Efforts Apple’s long struggle to turn itself into a legitimate Web-services company is stalling due to infighting among its engineering leaders, just as Tim Cook has identified growing Internet revenue as a priority.

Why Beats is a Great Buy for Apple
Why Beats is a Great Buy for Apple At the time of Apple's Beats acquisition, Editor-in-Chief Jessica Lessin wrote: "The deal—Apple’s largest acquisition ever—is a shrewd move, and to see why you have to look beyond hardware or even streaming music."

Apple's Software Taskmaster Faces Tough Test
Apples Software Taskmaster Faces Tough Test Revisit our 2014 profile of Kim Vorrath at a time when it's most fitting. We wrote: "At Apple, it’s the time of year when software engineers race to finalize the features that will make it into the latest version of the iPhone software. That means it’s crunch time for Kim Vorrath."

The App Store 'Kingmakers'
The App Store Kingmakers App developers often remark that how Apple features apps is a black box. Others liken the company to a "kingmaker" with the power to make or break apps. But many well-connected developers have built connections inside the Cupertino, Calif. giant that make getting promoted and getting advice about improving their apps a little less opaque.

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