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Running alone is the toughest. You get to the point where you have to keep pushing yourself.--Walter Payton 

This week I crossed paths with a nice young lady that had just finished up with getting her undergraduate degree in exercise science. She had an interesting question that I wanted to share with you here today. 

As our conversation progressed about the exercise field she came out and asked me what can I do with my degree? Now the fact that she would even ask me such a question was interesting to me. 

Granted I understood what she was asking, however it was apparent that she was unclear about a number of things. First, she was possibly unclear about the direction she wanted to go within the exercise field, or with her career in general. 

Secondly, she wasn't sure of the value of her degree and what it could provide her. Thirdly, she was stuck in the mindset that she could only achieve a direction for a career path strictly within her field of study without thinking outside the box...and realizing that she could also go after other career pursuits and endeavors outside of her major field of study if she so desired. 

I simply replied by telling her You can do whatever you want to do! I continued by telling her that the point here is to not ask what you can get for your degree, but first realize what you want to do and then to ask yourself how to get to where you want to go! 

I'm pointing this out because I often see people get stuck in the wrong mindset. As a result they often end up asking the wrong questions. The key to success is about asking the right questions and having a smart plan to follow up! 

Are you asking the right questions in regards to your training and do you have a smart plan to follow up the answer? 

Be strong. Be smart. Be better! 

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