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Researchers Study the Effects of Environmental Factors on Infants’ Microbiome
Researchers’ interest has recently been drawn the study of infants’ microbiome in relation to long...
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Skip the Batteries: 5 Simple Toys That Encourage Imaginative Play
The best kind of toy is one that can find its way into nearly every...
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Olympic Runners Remind the World That Winning is Not the Most Important Thing
You are just this side of the white line dividing your track lane from where...
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Scientists Find Finches Sing Special Songs That Change Hatching Behavior
Perhaps you’ve heard that what you eat during pregnancy influences your baby’s growth and metabolism....
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Baby Throwing Food? 10 Ways to Deal With It
Baby throwing food again? Here’s how to deal! 1. Use distraction. The ultimate toddler tool. Say “Food...
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Do Bedtime Routines Actually Work?
The bedtime routine. If you ever came in close proximity to a nighttime parenting book,...
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Gender Neutral Baby Names On The Rise: 25 Top Choices
Boy or girl? Maybe it doesn’t matter. As our culture shifts to one that’s more...
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Canning with Kids: The Basics You Need to Know
Home canning with kids is a great way to preserve the summer’s harvest, while modeling...
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