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Short Story Fundamentals

Krista Rea Krista Rea
Online Education Manager

Enroll in the and learn how to structure a short story for maximum effect. Find out what the ending of your story needs to accomplish and where to leave the reader. Spend four weeks writing, getting feedback on assignments, and honing your skills. If you've been looking for answers on how to make your story better, then this class is for you. Sign up and allow a professional writer to help you on your way. The online workshop begins September 8th and costs $249.99.

In the class you will have the opportunity to write and submit the beginning, middle, and end of your short story in sections. You will pay special attention to pacing. You'll get a chance to write in flashbacks and flash forwards. Finally, you'll revise and submit a complete draft of your short story for review by author John DeChancie.

"As far as my comments to students go, most of what I say is based on 25+ years of experience writing and teaching popular fiction. I have 25 titles in print, some of them best sellers, published when one out of 5000+ unsolicited MSS were accepted from new writers by major publishers like Putnam, Avon, Berkley, NAL, Tor, William Morrow...those were my publishers. The advice I give is...invaluable."

  ~ John DeChancie

One student said, "I appreciate the personal and insightful comments to my short story which is not in the mainstream genre. The suggestions had both critical and constructive points -- the second or third opinion that every writer needs. But not intimidating as beginning writers might imagine." Another student said, "Excellent course! The feedback by instructor, John DeChancie was invaluable. I learned a lot from the lecture information that I will continue to apply to my writing."

Class starts Thursday, September 8th. The course system is open 24 hours per day. Work on your own time. There is no scheduled time to meet. All writers are welcome. Commit Yourself to Your Craft! .

Thank you for being part of the writing community!

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John DeChancie
John DeChancie is the author of two dozen books. His novels in the science fiction and fantasy genres have been attracting a wide readership for more than fifteen years, and over a million copies of his books have seen print. His humorous fantasy series, beginning with Castle Perilous, became a best seller for Berkley/ Ace. John's novel Witchblade: Talons was republished by iBooks (Simon and Shuster). John’s other science fiction novels include From Prussia With Love (Prima Publishing), Masterminds of Falkenstein (Prima Publishing) and Innerverse (Avon).

John DeChancie's short fiction has appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction and in numerous original anthologies, including Spell Fantastic (edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Larry Segriff, DAW Books) and, most recently I, Alien edited by Mike Resnick (DAW Books), which contains John’s short story “The Loaves and the Fishes.” His book Other States of Being: Sixteen Short Abductions, is a collection of stories, reprinted from various magazines and original paperback anthologies, that all explore the theme of the alien (offered as a print-on-demand title by Pulpless.com, Inc.). His latest book is a small press short story collection A Little Gray Book of Alien Stories published by Borderlands Press, Maryland.

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