Sorry, I forgot to tell you that the next phase of the WLFM is now open...
Hello Op

I just realized I forgot to send out the notice that the next phase of the Whole Life Fitness Manifesto is open again.

If you are already registered and receiving the daily #WLFM messages, don't worry, you don't have to do a thing. See you in the Tribe!

BUT, if you aren't receiving the daily workouts, mindfulness and personal development prompts and motivational tips -- why not?

The WLFM registration is now open at http://www.joinWLFM.com - and the next phase starts Monday September 12th!

There's no cost to join the tribe. 

The Whole Life Fitness Manifesto is a simple program that is designed to fit into any lifestyle - because it is a lifestyle! 

It's not a matter of reinventing your schedule to accommodate some new way of being, it's just a matter of committing 30 minutes each day to improving your body, mind and spirit.

In joining the tribe, you can expect to receive
  • a daily email with useful prompts
  • recommended workouts (with or without equipment)
  • motivational tips
  • inspirational messages
  • AND access to the private group on Facebook - tribe members only!
There's nothing to lose as the cost is NOTHING. Except a willingness to participate full-on and commit to your health and well-being. 

I tend to find anytime I recommit to my own health and fitness, it's best when I bring a friend along with me. So if you want to invite someone to join the tribe and be your accountability partner, then share the following link:  

PS - To help you with spreading the message on Facebook and Twitter, just click either of the below links and voila! You'll share an invite publicly... 

Facebook Link to share: CLICK HERE to share it


Yours in Health,

Dai "Coach Moose" Manuel

PLEASE reach out anytime. We do our best to get back to you within 48 hours (and if you don't hear from us, message us again as we don't want to miss it)

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