Fit in 10: Real Women, Real Life, Amazing Results!
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Got 10 Minutes?
Got 10 Minutes?
Because in just 10 minutes a day, you can lose weight, gain energy, feel awesome, and turn your whole life around.

No, for real! We see you rolling your eyes. But our new DVD workout program Fit in 10 isn’t sketchy at all. It’s incredibly effective.

Here’s how it works: You follow the strength-training moves in Fit in 10 for 10 minutes once a day, whenever you want — before you hop in the shower, while dinner cooks in the oven, as you brush your teeth, whenever. The moves target your trouble zones and fire up your metabolism so you keep burning calories even after you’re done.

And before you know it, you’re wearing smaller pants and a much bigger smile.

To prove it, we asked a group of busy women to test Fit in 10 for 8 weeks and follow some simple clean-eating basics. The results — real results from real women — were absolutely amazing.

Pounds Lost 9.8 Inches Lost 15.5
“My belly hasn’t been this flat in years — and it was so easy!”
Pounds Lost 19.4 Inches Lost 17.75
“I keep hashtagging ‘I’m back’ on Instagram — because I am.”
Pounds Lost 13.6 Inches Lost 22.75
“I’m stronger and firmer, and I have more energy for my family.”
Fit In 10 Total-Body Transformation At the end of the trial, all nine of our testers had lost weight — an average of 13 pounds each — and felt a huge boost in confidence. That’s what this program is all about: real women, real life, AMAZING results.

Sound good? Start your total-body transformation right now.


You’ve got this!
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