The Big Al Report - September 5, 2016. Good prospects are easy to find.
Most people do network marketing every day... they just don't get paid for it.
In this issue ...
1. Good prospects are easy to find.
2. Bad habits.
3. Big Al Workshop Schedule.
4. Where are we?
5. Fat Boy Report.
September 5, 2016
Good prospects are easy to find.
People with full-time and part-time jobs are busy people, motivated, want more in life, and would love the opportunity to have more time in their lives.

They may have great attitudes, but may not know how to do our business. They might not be sure that they can do it. That is where we come in.

If we can show some competence and skill, they might say, “I want to join you on your journey. I feel safe coming with you.”

Confidence is contagious. They want to follow someone who knows where he is going, and has the skills to take them along the journey.
Bad habits.
Come home from work, collapse on the sofa, turn on television, order a pizza, and feel depressed about the job. Not a good habit for success.

We are a collection of our habits. So what would happen if we changed a habit, or added a helpful habit? Our results would change automatically.

For the next week, let’s simply observe our habits. Then we need to ask ourselves, “Does this habit serve me or hinder me?”

A great way to get on track for faster success.
Can you guess which color personality you are?
Even if we don’t know, our friends do.
Sometimes we confuse our personality with our job or obligations. But, our personality is how our prospects see us as a person. That is important.

And, it is equally important to understand the color personality of our prospects. That is why this is the first of the 25 basic skills.

Want to master this skill to make your business easy? Enjoy the book or the audio. It is the most fun of all the skills in our business.

The Four Color Personalities For MLM: The Secret Language For Network Marketing.

Also in Spanish.​​​​​​​

Available in paperback, ebook, and audio.
Big Al Workshop Schedule.
Toronto, Canada area
Saturday September 10, 10am-2pm
Workshop presented by Facebook marketing experts Jim Lupkin, Marianne Lupkin, Brian Carter
More info here. 
Where are we???
Check out the picture, make your guess.
Go to:
Last week's location:

Santa Monica, California, USA.
Fat Boy Report.
I wonder if skinny people say, “Oh, I am just small-boned.”

Anyway, I tried exercising again. Broke out in a sweat. Appears I am still allergic to exercise.

* Hungry?
* Do you like network marketing?
* Do you like to take vacations?

Satisfy all three cravings!

Join network marketers from around the world in November on our annual MLM Cruise. For details, just go to:

Enjoy the week!
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