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Tuesday 6th September 2016


Cantilever · Wanda Shelving System

Lisa Marie Corso
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There’s no two ways about it, everybody loves storage. And a locally made, versatile storage system is especially hard to find.

Travis Dean and Charlie Wilde of Cantilever have designed just the one, the Wanda Shelving System, built in Brunswick. Available in different configurations, and suited for either home or work, we’re loving this sleek, customisable storage solution.


Cantilever’s ‘Wanda Shelving Sytem’. Photo – Mike Baker.  Styling- Heather Nette King.

Open shelving and closed cabinetry from Cantilever’s ‘Wanda Shelving System’. Photo – Mike Baker.  Styling- Heather Nette King.

Individual floating shelf from Cantilever’s ‘Wanda’ system. Photo – Mike Baker.  Styling- Heather Nette King.

‘Wanda’ in situ. Photo – Mike Baker.  Styling- Heather Nette King.

‘Wanda’ in situ. Photo – Mike Baker.  Styling- Heather Nette King.

Photo – Mike Baker.  Styling- Heather Nette King.

Photo – Mike Baker.  Styling- Heather Nette King.

Good storage space is universally appealing. It’s one of those rare household items that almost everybody wishes they had more of.  So when a new (and locally designed) storage solution comes along, we feel it’s our duty to spread the word. ‘Wanda’ is the new storage kid on the block, or in this case, affixed to the wall. This open-floating shelving unit has been in development since 2014, designed by Travis Dean and Charlie Wilde of Melbourne based business, Cantilever.

‘Wanda has been in the making since late 2014, we like to ponder and get things perfect!’ the pair admit. The first iteration of Wanda came as a result of a hospitality job Cantilever designed for their local cafe, Padre Coffee. Their brief was to create a shelving system that was modern, slim, and customisable, which showcased instore merchandise with flair. After installing their shelving unit, the pair decided to develop it further for a domestic setting.

‘We had the idea to develop a shelving system that would offer a functional and adaptive piece of furniture to support the ever-changing storage requirements of modern life,’ says Travis.

After much prototyping, the final version of Wanda launched earlier this month. It’s available in three flexible configurations: Library, Studio and Utility. A central laminate back board is affixed to the wall, with laminate faced ply shelving available in different colours and sizes that securely interlock into the back board. ‘We wanted Wanda to have many uses, for instance it can display, hang, stack or hide pretty much anything around the home or at work’ says Charlie.

Each Wanda system is made in Cantilever’s Brunswick workshop. An important part of the design process was the system’s installation process, ‘even the severely DIY challenged can easily install Wanda!’ the pair promise!

Wanda is available for order online via Cantilever’s website and can be shipped Australia wide. Everything is made in Melbourne, and if pieces are not in stock they can be dispatched within a fortnight. 

Charlie Wilde and Travis Dean of Cantilever. Photo – Martina Gemmola. Styling Ruth Welsby

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