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Tuesday 6th September 2016

Tasty Tuesday

Pink Grapefruit Spritz

Lucy Feagins
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We’re EXCEPTIONALLY excited to launch this month’s Tasty Tuesday! That’s because it’s a VIDEO SERIES!  YES.

Sparkling Sips is a series of sparkling Spring cocktail recipes, created by us, in partnership with CAPI!  These summery drinks are bright and bubbly, light on the booze, but heavy on the fruity flavours. Enjoy responsibly!

As with all our video projects, this film series has been created in collaboration with our clever pals at SIRAP.

SPARKLING SIPS is a series of sparkling Spring cocktails, created by us, in partnership with  CAPI.

CAPI is a Melbourne based company whose distinctive drinks (usually served with a red striped straw!) can often be spotted in hand at all our events and art exhibitions. They make mineral waters and fruity carbonated drinks with no artificial flavours, no synthetic ingredients or no artificial sweeteners, bottled direct from Australian natural springs.  (You might recall, many moons ago we featured the family behind CAPI as part of our ‘Family Portrait’ series!)

For the month of September, we’ve partnered with CAPI to produce a series of sparkling cocktail recipes. We’re kicking off today with ‘Pink Grapefruit Spritz’ – a bright and bubbly pink drink, perfect for springtime sipping!

Film Credits

Director – Paris Thomson / SIRAP
Creative Direction – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files
Camera and post production – Jason Tseng
Styling – Nat Turnbull
Studio Sets – Gordon Johnson + Huw Smith
Graphic Design – Annie Portelli
Animation – Frank Souter
Sound Design – Lachlan Harris

Voiceover – Dierdre Rubenstein
Hand Model – Annie Portelli

Props kindly on loan from Third Drawer DownLucy Folk and Wink Optometrists.

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