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March 28, 2016
Volume 21, Number 13

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by Gary Foreman

Hello to All My Frugal Friends!

My car (a 2008 Toyota Solara) is probably too old to be a theft target, but being a car guy, I couldn't pass up this article from Wired. It talked about how thieves using a device they can build for $225 can gain entry and start many keyless entry vehicles.

"Here's the full list of vulnerable vehicles from their findings, which focused on European models: the Audi A3, A4 and A6, BMW's 730d, Citroen's DS4 CrossBack, Ford's Galaxy and Eco-Sport, Honda's HR-V, Hyundai's Santa Fe CRDi, KIA's Optima, Lexus's RX 450h, Mazda's CX-5, MINI's Clubman, Mitsubishi's Outlander, Nissan's Qashqai and Leaf, Opel's Ampera, Range Rover's Evoque, Renault's Traffic, Ssangyong's Tivoli XDi, Subaru's Levorg, Toyota's RAV4, and Volkswagen's Golf GTD and Touran 5T."

They did have a partial fix, but we'll let you read the article to discover it.

Keep on Stretching Those Dollars!

It's Spring! Have You
Started Your Garden Yet?
Spring represents a time of newness, making it the perfect time to start thinking about doing some spring planting.
Read more.

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Discussion Icon A Produce Dilemma
Over the past year, I have found the quality of the produce at my local store to be poor and not very well priced. And it doesn't last long after purchase. I need a better source of produce, but other stores are a 30-minute drive away and the nearest farmer's market I know of is 45 minutes away. I'd love some feedback as I try to figure out a better plan. What would you do? Read more.
Will More Money Make You Happy?
You may be better off investing in relationships, education, volunteering, exercise, public service, or other activities that improve your emotional well-being. You might find more happiness in those efforts than you'll get from that next bump in income. Read more.

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How a 401k Loan Affects Future Wealth
Could you be hurting your retirement by taking a 401k loan now? Read more.

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4 Winning Ways to Grow Your Savings and Spend Less
Learning to live on less may feel difficult initially, but it will pay off in the future. Here are 4 steps to start exercising savings self-control today. Read more.

Discussion IconGiving and Happiness: A Complicated Partnership
A recent study from Harvard Business School found a link between giving and happiness, but highlighted some thought-provoking issues about the ways charities ask for donations. Read more.
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Don't Forget to Do
Your Financial Spring Cleaning
Here's a list of seven pieces of your financial pie perfect for a spring dust-off. Read more.

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Can You Help?
Can You Help This Reader
Home Remedies for Cat Hairballs
We have three cats, and one has a frequent problem with hairballs. Does anyone have any natural ways to prevent, minimize, or treat for hairballs that does not require special costly food or medication from the vet? My cat and I would appreciate it!

Please send your answers to CanYouHelp@stretcher.com with "Cat Hairball Remedies" as the subject. We'll include the best solutions in future issues.
Yes, We Can Help This Reader
Affordable Teen Activities for a Family on a Tight Budget
Invest in some sports equipment or game gear that can be used at home. Friends can be invited over for a volleyball game or a nerf gun war.

You'll find more affordable teen activities here.
This Week's TDS Readers' Tips
Remembering important items when traveling, changing the mood of a room without replacing furnishings, buying locally, removing odor from stinky shoes, and much more!

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