They're Just Rags, People

Dear FlyLady,  
When I started reading the testimonials about the Purple Rags in a Bag I couldn't understand what all of the fuss was about. People were ooohing and aaahing the rags and talking about how wonderful they were for a variety of tasks. I thought to myself, "They're only rags, people!"

I decided to buy a pack and try them for myself. I was determined not be influenced by all of the hype. When my package arrived (which by the way was lickety split) I actually got excited when I saw the rags. They are a beautiful shade of purple. I decided to try them out as I cleaned the bathroom.

Starting with the mirrors - they did an AMAZING job. No lint and no streaks. I moved to the shower doors - not a hint of soap film remained. I then proceeded to clean the counters and then the floor. Unbelievable! One little rag did the job of eight paper towels and a mop. After flying for five years, I should know by now that FlyBabies are savvy consumers and won't settle for just any product. I love my purple rags so much that I'm going to order another set specifically for outdoor tasks and cleaning the cars.


Northern VA FlyBaby 

FlyLady here: Yes People they are only rags but they are our Purple Rag! They help us shine! Thank you for giving them the FlyBaby TRY!  
I keep a purple rag under every sink and in every car. It cleans the roadkill bugs off my windshield better than that squeegee that is at the gas pumps. I love it for the muddy puppy toe prints on our back door.
Purple Rag BOGO Ends at Midnight EDT on Sept 6th. 


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We're so excited about the new FlyLadyPlus iPhone app update, we just had to share! You can get it free!

The FlyLadyPlus app now automatically detects what zone we're in and includes our FlyLady routines for that zone! It also now comes preloaded with FlyLady's morning, afternoon, and evening routines (all of which you can customize yourself!).

So your FlyLady routines for the day are automatically generated each day so you can just check them off as you go! No more worrying which zone we're in or how to tackle it, we've got it covered for you!

Plus (the coolest part!) every time we change into a new zone it automatically updates your routine list with our FlyLady routines for the new zone! Check it out!

     Routine List        Check them off as you go!

Alex, my nephew is a young college student and has never seen a problem that he could not tackle. He is a good listener. He has built an app that will work well with our app when ours is completed. . So go check it out if you have an iPhone. There is a 12 week course in the app that you can subscribe to for a one time fee of $99 or 3 installments of $34.  
Alex is part of our team with this great addition for our ladies. It has a timer too. This makes me happy.  He has invested every penny of his own money to build FlyLady Premium.  

I think you are going to love this app. He may have beat us to the app but there is another one coming soon. There is room for all of them.

I am so proud of Alex and his team of FlyLadies.


Check out this video about the app!  
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You are not behind! I don't want you to try to catch up;
I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.?

Watch Me Fling in 2016!
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