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New Today -- 6 September 2016


Obama and the US secret war in Laos

Obama is the first US president since the Vietnam War to visit Laos, the scene of one of US imperialism's bloodiest crimes, even as his administration is preparing new wars on a far greater scale.

News & Analysis

As Minneapolis nurses strike, unions join arms with Democratic officials in Labor Day events

The trade unions used the Labor Day events to promote the campaign of Hillary Clinton, the consensus candidate of Wall Street, the military-intelligence apparatus and most of the political establishment.

Allina nurses strike reveals gulf between workers and union

Obama cancels meeting with Philippine President Duterte

Australia: Opponents of war with China labelled "rats, flies, mosquitoes and sparrows"

Fears of rising social opposition hung over G20 summit

Brazilian military police attack mass protest against Temer

Corbyn offers olive branch to right wing as purge of British Labour Party escalates

German states try to offload refugees on each other

Michigan officials press to close "failing schools"

California Assembly passes Secure Choice pension bill

Portugal's response to forest fires undermined by austerity

Canada's Liberals launch inquiry into "missing and murdered indigenous women"

Opposition plots regime change in Maldives

SEP 2016 US Election Campaign

SEP US presidential candidates denounce war drive at Humboldt University meeting in Berlin

SEP presidential candidate Jerry White speaks to workers at Detroit Labor Day event


Teachers, students in US face battle to defend public education

Arts Review

Jason Bourne again

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