It's football season, and no team worth its salt starts the season without a clear view of how it wants to finish.

If we're wise, we'd approach our work that way too.

We all want to live effectively, to look back and know we've made an impact. The Bible tells us to "number our days, that we might gain wisdom" (Psalm 90:12). That basically means that we need to have a clear view of the end in order to live effectively today and make that impact.

In today's video, Doug McMillon, President and CEO, Walmart Stores, Inc., talks about how he lives with the "end in mind," and how that drives him to live effectively today.

Watch the video or read the transcript below and consider this work application. We pray that it encourages you and inspires you to a deeper walk with God today at work.

Work Application:
How do you want to be remembered at work? Jot down a statement or two and then connect that to an action you can take at work today. 

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Your work matters,

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Doug McMillon, President and CEO  
Walmart Stores, Inc. 
Doug McMillon, president and CEO, Walmart Stores, Inc.
One of the ideas that can sometimes help with focus is this idea that someday we are going to retire, someday we are going to have our last day in our company, in our business - in my case at Walmart. When I imagine that day, I then think, "What do I want people to say? What do we want to have accomplished during that period of time?"

I think leaving the company in an even stronger position - from a cultural point of view, how our people feel about the business, how they care about the business, how they behave to generate results within the company - that's an area of focus. I would like for our culture to be stronger on that day than it is even today, and also to have positioned the company to win. To make sure that today's decisions, today's investments result in an opportunity to win with our customers in the future. To perpetuate the business, to create job opportunities for all of our associates, and to serve customers in a way that we can have fulfilled our purpose.  

Technology is changing the world, competition is different, there are so many things happening in today's environment and they are happening fast and frequently material to the environment in which we operate. One of the things I'm focused on is positioning Walmart so that it's here 50 years from now. We are a little over 50 years old now, and 50 years goes by pretty quickly. There are a lot of people working for our company and I really want them to have a future and have another 50 years of Walmart. 

In my case, I would like to be known as a person of faith - faith in Jesus Christ. I would like to be known as a great father, as a great husband, someone who made a difference. We get different platforms in life to use to try and make that difference. In my case, being part of Walmart has been a platform, but it's not the only one.  

It's my hope that when it's all said and done, people will know what I stood for, they knew who I was, and they feel like I made this place a little bit better because I was here.
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