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RMR Video

Dear Friends,

Leave it to Rick Mercer to so perfectly skewer Nestlé for its outrageous water grab from the small Ontario township of Centre Wellington.

Last night on CBC’s The Rick Mercer Report, he took down Nestlé in his latest Rick’s Rant – which is seen by more than a million people on TV and millions more online!

Check out the video clip.

And if you haven’t yet heard about the community fight-back in Ontario and British Columbia against Nestlé and its expanding bottled water operations, please take a moment now to read this – you’ll be outraged.

As Rick says at the end of his Rant, “let’s tell Nestlé... we may be a free country, our water is not!”

Thank you for being a water warrior,

Maude Barlow
National Chairperson

P.S. Watch Rick’s Rant!