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Chris Maunder

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Do you have a dedicated testing environment?

Survey period: 28 Mar 2016 to 4 Apr 2016

Testing should mimic production. That's not always practical or possible. How close do you get?

We have a test environment that is a replica of our production system00.000 votes, 0.00%
We have a test environment that is a scaled down (but similar) version of production00.000 votes, 0.00%
We have a test environment that has some, but not all functionality of production00.000 votes, 0.00%
We have a test environment that's very bare-bones00.000 votes, 0.00%
I use my development machine00.000 votes, 0.00%
I have no test environment I can use00.000 votes, 0.00%
I don't test code00.000 votes, 0.00%

This week's survey: For how long should you provide basic support for your software?

Latest Additions

New articles added

.NET Framework

  (4 votes) by Jamescookxj (updated 6 days ago)
Repository Pattern with Generic Interface and Dependency Injection
  (0 votes) by Amit Kumar Tiwari (updated yesterday)
.NET to Hadoop connection using Keytab file

Algorithms & Recipes

  (3 votes) by Garbel Nervadof (updated 6 days ago)
This article demonstrates how to use Python to solve simple Laplace equation with Numpy library and Matplotlib to plot the solution of the equation. We'll also see that we can write less code and do more with Python
  (3 votes) by Donald Snowdy (updated 4 days ago)
The XmlServer is a multi-threaded server application that listens for client requests, invokes "Operators", and responds to client requests.
  (2 votes) by Ryan S White (updated 5 days ago)
Converts past and real-time stock market tick data into time-sliced summaries called Briefs.
  (2 votes) by veen_rp (updated 18 hours ago)
How to fake an Extension Property...
  (0 votes) by Amir Aslan Haghrah (updated 4 hours ago)
Implementing LMS algorithm using C++


  (2 votes) by raddevus (updated 3 days ago)
If you use the Google documented method of sharing text on API Levels before 21 (Lollipop), the text isn't shared properly with your app. This article describes the problem and how to fix it.

Applications & Tools

  (12 votes) by Marc Clifton (updated 6 days ago)
Based on Razor template engine syntax, a straightforward, extensible, easy to maintain implementation of a templating engine.


  (2 votes) by Sami Pylkkänen (updated 4 days ago)
Article shows how to setup ASP.NET 4.5.2 and ASP.NET 5 projects for Angular 2 application and how to enable Angular 2 typescript debugging in Visual Studio.

Button Controls

  (7 votes) by Clifford Nelson (updated 4 days ago)
This gives the code to create a cursor from a character in a font.

C / C++ Language

  (16 votes) by David Lafreniere (updated 3 days ago)
A compact C++ finite state machine (FSM) implementation that's easy to use on embedded and PC-based systems.


  (28 votes) by Linjith Kunnon (updated 5 days ago)
This article questions the usage of singleton and static class and discusses about ways to avoid them.
  (3 votes) by pdoxtader (updated 3 days ago)
A simple and convenient wrapper class for Anonymous Pipes in C#
  (2 votes) by Kenneth Haugland (updated 15 hours ago)
Create cold observables, intercept observables and split observable into async tasks.
  (2 votes) by lw@zi (updated 2 days ago)
Simple way to do basic mathematical operations on large positive natural and decimal base 10 numbers
  (2 votes) by Member 12338789 (updated 5 days ago)
Change the frequency , the mode and sent morse code on radio
  (1 votes) by Dmitriy Gakh (updated 21 hours ago)
Intensive Big Data processing and Mobile Applications require fast calculations and compact data storage. Design of new quick and save .NET types with small overhead is not a simple task. This article describes creating of such type without overhead and with advantages only.
  (0 votes) by Manish kumar choudhary (updated 17 hours ago)
This article shows 3 ways to convert a DataTable to a List in C#.
  (0 votes) by NobsterTheLobster (updated 2 days ago)
A Behaviour for windows universal plaform to force the WrapGrid itemscontrol of a List/GridView to dynamically change the width of childitems so as to fill the entire row space.
  (0 votes) by NobsterTheLobster (updated 3 days ago)
Adds MVVM focusing and command execution on keypress to universal Windows platorm textbox via attached properties.

Client side scripting

  (2 votes) by Gjermund Bjaanes (updated 3 days ago)
How to convert Angular 1 application to TypeScript


  (3 votes) by Jovan Popovic (updated yesterday)
In this article, we will see how you can easily insert array of JSON objects into SQL Server 2016 tables.
  (0 votes) by Manish kumar choudhary (updated 7 hours ago)
In this article, you will learn how to select data from a table and send that data to an email using SQL Server 2008.
  (0 votes) by Manish kumar choudhary (updated 6 hours ago)
In this article, I will explain how to schedule a daily mail from SQL Server 2008.

Desktop Gadgets

  (2 votes) by Mahesh Rajaram Shinde (updated yesterday)
This project is designed for addressing SQL Server Script deployment on multiple servers and databases.

Files and Folders

  (2 votes) by Bob Stoom (updated 4 days ago)
An example of a simple code how RootFolder and SelectedPath properties interact

Google Cloud Platform

  (1 votes) by freedeveloper (updated 2 days ago)
Simple Implementation of Google API IDataStore that use MS-SQL server to store your token file

Hardware & System

  (0 votes) by Nagaraj Krishnamurthy (updated 2 days ago)
This article goes into the details of how to write a Linux Device Driver for a pseudo Ethernet device simulated on a Qemu platform.


  (0 votes) by Member 12149082 (updated 2 days ago)
Description of useful SVG Filters and Interactivity

Internet / Network

  (5 votes) by AJSON (updated yesterday)
Designing a web crawler using C#


  (3 votes) by rohit7209 (updated 4 days ago)
Using EntityManager API will help you in avoiding hardcoding of the password, it will reduce the chances of getting hacked.
  (2 votes) by rohit7209 (updated 4 days ago)
Use AccessRemoteMySQLDB-API in your project to access web-server MySQL database
  (1 votes) by Member 11278602 (updated 6 days ago)
This article focuses on development of custom tag library for joining two tables and displaying master-detail relationships between tables using JDBC.


  (2 votes) by VR Karthikeyan (updated 5 days ago)
Creating Static Reports using SVG file


  (1 votes) by Konstantin A. Magg (updated 2 days ago)
Asynchronously wait for files and folders to be created, modified or deleted within a given time span. Very helpful, e.g. for end-to-end tests or server applications.


  (10 votes) by Vijay Rana AON (+91-9711965544) (updated 2 days ago)
Mongo DB Tutorial and Mapping of SQL and Mongo DB Query


  (4 votes) by Noah L (updated 5 days ago)
A vector iterator that facilitates the replacement of slow lists with fast vectors, as Bjarne decreed.

Third Party Products and Tools

  (1 votes) by dotbydot (updated 16 hours ago)
This script allows you to create feedback forms which include a screenshot and clients browser Information. Feedback tool similar to the Google Feedback based on Typescript/JQuery and HTML2Canvas.

Tools and IDE

  (3 votes) by Chandrasekhar Telkapalli (updated 5 days ago)
Understanding the User Business Process,analysis on benefits of doing Automation and best approaches & practices in designing the solution
  (1 votes) by AJSON (updated 12 hours ago)
An introduction to the latest, leanest, most useful tool in the MS Visual Studio family!

Tree Controls

  (0 votes) by Henry Bobic (updated 18 hours ago)
This is a comprehensive windows C# application which watches specific folders and upload their entry to a SharePoint lists or document library

Web Services

  (0 votes) by NobsterTheLobster (updated 2 days ago)
Publish a WCF DataService with entity model, updatable views, filtering and basic authentication

Windows API

  (0 votes) by deoxys (updated 17 hours ago)
How to detect if your network is behind a captive portal (Wi-Fi Hot spot) through Windows NLM_INTERNET_CONNECTIVITY

Windows Presentation Foundation

  (4 votes) by Rubén Hinojosa Chapel (updated 4 days ago)
Prototype for a plugin architecture based on the Prism Library and the Modern UI for WPF (MUI) toolkit

Windows Runtime

  (3 votes) by Sumit Samediya (updated 6 days ago)
In this article we will learn how to generate Barcode and QR code in Windows Universal App.
  (0 votes) by Sumit Samediya (updated 2 days ago)
In this article, we will learn how to consume Webservice in Windows Universal App

Windows Workflow Foundation

  (2 votes) by Zijian (updated 3 days ago)
Workflow InvokeMethod and DynamicActivity
  (0 votes) by Zijian (updated 2 days ago)
WorkflowApplication and WorkflowServiceHost

Articles updated


  (19 votes) by Dan Letecky (updated 6 days ago)
How to display AJAX Gantt Chart in ASP.NET application.


  (125 votes) by John Underhill (updated 6 days ago)
Twofish 512, Serpent 512, Rijndael 512, the HX Ciphers, Ring-LWE, NTRU, McEliece, Rainbow, GMSS, DTM-KEX
  (12 votes) by BouncyTarget (updated 2 days ago)
This is a class for making simple sprites within WinForms. This article explains how to use the class, as well as how the class works if you want to make something like it.

Client side scripting

  (14 votes) by Prince Cheruvathur (updated 4 days ago)
This article provides simple steps for creating a template for ASP.Net application using AngularJS, RequireJS and Typescript using AMD module system.

Combo & List Boxes

  (25 votes) by Avelino Ferreira (updated 6 days ago)
Presenting an easy-to-use, flexible, filterable ComboBox, managing various data types (including images), also sortable, resizable and reordable columns

Cryptography & Security

  (34 votes) by 9374170340 (updated 6 days ago)
Basics on Cryptography, SSL and Digital Signature


  (82 votes) by yuvalsol (updated 5 days ago)
POCO generating application for SQL Server
  (10 votes) by Sergey Syrovatchenko (updated 6 days ago)
Starting from SQL Server 2005, the default trace is enabled by default on every SQL server. Default trace is a lightweight system trace, which stores a lot of useful information about the changes in the system...

Edit Controls

  (11 votes) by Ramon.Pinho (updated 3 days ago)
A Windows Forms Application that can open, view and edit binary files in a simple way

Files and Folders

  (397 votes) by Uzi Granot (updated 5 days ago)
PDF File Writer is a C# .NET class library allowing applications to create PDF files. Version 1.17.2 enhancements: WPF graphics, transparency, color blending and elliptical arcs drawing.

GPU Programming

  (14 votes) by Ryan S White (updated 13 hours ago)
CudaPAD is a PTX/SASS viewer for NVIDIA Cuda kernels and provides an on-the-fly view of your Cuda code.

Internet / Network

  (47 votes) by AJSON (updated yesterday)
How to scrape data from a website with C#


  (7 votes) by Patrick P. Frey (updated 13 hours ago)
This tutorial based on a docker image will guide through the development of a simple search engine based on Strus (project-strus.net), a collection of libraries and line tools for building a search engine.
  (5 votes) by Cinchoo (updated yesterday)
GUI interface to Microsoft Xsd tool
  (4 votes) by Patrick P. Frey (updated 13 hours ago)
This article shows the expandability of Strus with dynamically loadable modules written in C++.
  (3 votes) by Patrick P. Frey (updated 13 hours ago)
This tutorial based on a docker image will guide through the development of a search engine service based on Strus and its Python Bindings within the Tornado web-framework.
  (3 votes) by Patrick P. Frey (updated 13 hours ago)
Article about implications of scalability requirements on full-text search engines and how Strus meets these requirements.
  (3 votes) by Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲 (updated 4 days ago)
Hybrid programming technology for .NET language with R language


  (5 votes) by Remo H. Jansen (updated 5 days ago)
A powerful IoC container for JavaScript apps powered by TypeScript

Shell and IE programming

  (42 votes) by Ray Koopa (updated 6 days ago)
Retrieving the path to the new user folders like Downloads, Saved Games or Searches

Testing and QA

  (4 votes) by slavik57 (updated 6 days ago)
Synchronous promise for making testing experience much easier

Win32/64 SDK & OS

  (4 votes) by Michael Chourdakis (updated 6 days ago)
A quick library for differential memory/file processing.

Windows Presentation Foundation

  (9 votes) by wolfoerster (updated 2 days ago)
3D Tools for the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  (5 votes) by NobsterTheLobster (updated 3 days ago)
Modification of Dan Crevier's VirtualizingTilePanel to fill the total area

New Tips and Tricks added

.NET Framework

  (0 votes) by Jacob Himes (updated 2 hours ago)
An automated approach to updating business models intelligently, by updating a destination model with a source model only on properties whose values differ.

C / C++ Language

  (0 votes) by Shao Voon Wong (updated 21 hours ago)
Enum to String Converter Generator written in C++ transpiled to asm.js


  (3 votes) by B. Clay Shannon (updated 6 days ago)
Creating a simple sample Excel Pie Chart, with labeled slices using C# and Excel Interop

Charts, Graphs and Images

  (2 votes) by vandel212 (updated yesterday)
How to add a quick, low cost slide show to your website


  (0 votes) by Bhawesh Tiwari (updated 5 days ago)
SSIS Error Code DTS_E_CANNOTACQUIRECONNECTIONFROMCONNECTIONMANAGER. The AcquireConnection method call to the connection manager failed with error code 0xC0209303.

Dialogs and Windows

  (0 votes) by Flaviu2 (updated 3 days ago)
A way to know when a floating CDialogBar is closed

SharePoint Server

  (0 votes) by Furqans (updated 5 days ago)
Hiding calendar recurring events not occurring on current date/day

Tools and IDE

  (0 votes) by Kayosblade (updated 4 days ago)
Quickly rename thousands of labels in a Designer File without manual intervention

Windows Presentation Foundation

  (0 votes) by Clifford Nelson (updated 3 days ago)
WPF popup enumerated button control

Windows Runtime

  (0 votes) by Sumit Samediya (updated yesterday)
Here we will learn how to remove default background color of ListBox item on selection in Windows Universal App

Tips and Tricks updated


  (14 votes) by Ahmet AYDIN (updated 4 days ago)
This post describes step by step how to run a Single Page Application template using ASP.NET Web API 2 and angularJS and how to use Web Application Project whose name is Dalyan.


  (12 votes) by Sascha Lefèvre (updated 5 days ago)
C# doesn't allow for binary literals (e.g. int bits = 0b00010101). With the helper class presented here, you can do something like that, as close as possible.


  (2 votes) by King Coffee (updated yesterday)
Sample code for OpenCvSharp 3 quick start

New Technical Blogs added

Applications & Tools

  (2 votes) by Garry Pilkington (updated 6 days ago)
Offline Web Applications with MVC

Audio and Video

  (0 votes) by S Ravi-Kumar-2012 (updated yesterday)
Playing audio (mp3) File in Xamarin.Forms


  (15 votes) by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan (updated 3 days ago)
This article describes the way many programming languages can be selected to find that one best language for your projects!


  (2 votes) by Sibeesh Passion (updated 2 days ago)
How to use caching in Web API

Client side scripting

  (1 votes) by Passion4Code (updated 2 days ago)
Hands on Angular Js-III

Cross Platform

  (4 votes) by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan (updated 1 weeks ago)
In this episode I am going to talk about using graphical applications in Mono. The graphical framework to use would be Windows Forms.

Design and Architecture

  (2 votes) by Keyhole Software (updated 3 days ago)
Introduction to the delegate pattern

Game Development

  (1 votes) by S Ravi-Kumar-2012 (updated yesterday)
How to get ready for Xamarin development

Microsoft BizTalk Server

  (1 votes) by Melick (updated 4 days ago)
[Microsoft][ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server]Named Pipes Provider: Could not open a connection to SQL Server [53]

Other .NET Languages

  (4 votes) by Chris Boss (updated 3 days ago)
This series of articles is about getting started in using the PowerBasic Windows native code compiler.
  (1 votes) by Steve Naidamast (updated 3 days ago)
ASP.NET WebForms… Redux

Programming Tips

  (4 votes) by Christian Specht (updated 3 days ago)
My home backup strategy, part 3: Non-technical family members

Site & Server Management

  (8 votes) by Rob Kraft (updated 1 weeks ago)
We often hesitate to take the action that shows we are committed to doing something new. We read about it, analyze it, and try to understand it; but real learning requires that we go beyond reading. We must DO. The goal of this article is to get you to take action toward becoming Agile, without [

Testing and QA

  (2 votes) by Anton Angelov (updated 6 days ago)
Detailed explanation how to design proper automated tests for grid controls. Includes examples for unique identifier and text columns.
  (1 votes) by Anton Angelov (updated 2 days ago)
Detailed explanation how to design proper automated tests for grid controls. Includes examples for unique identifier and text columns.

Tools and IDE

  (2 votes) by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan (updated 6 days ago)
In this post I am talking about the "R Tools for Visual Studio" plugin, and how it can be used to make Visual Studio your default IDE for R programming.

Uncategorised Technical Blogs

  (3 votes) by Gaston Verelst (updated 6 days ago)
Using the Repository pattern
  (0 votes) by Chris Boss (updated 2 days ago)
How to get started with the PowerBasic Compiler

User Controls

  (1 votes) by S Ravi-Kumar-2012 (updated yesterday)
Many users of J-Query UI (both Mobile as well as web) are quite fond of accordion user control and ask for same or similar kind [...]

Web Security

  (3 votes) by Sibeesh Passion (updated 2 days ago)
In this article we will learn how we can create Angular JS autoComplete text box with the data from SQL Server database. We use MVC architecture with Web API and Angular JS to fetch the data and do all the manipulations. I am creating this application in Visual Studio 2015. You can always get the [&

Windows 8 Design

  (0 votes) by S Ravi-Kumar-2012 (updated yesterday)
MyMunim Series – DB Design

Blogs updated


  (12 votes) by Dave Ceddia (updated 3 days ago)
CSS transitions explained

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