Where's The Calendar

Dear FlyLady,  

I just have to share. I have purchased my FlyLady calendar regularly the past several years. As we are in the last days of the year, I had somehow NOT ordered my new calendar yet.

My DD 13 came around the corner planning on putting something on the calendar for January. When she didn't see the new calendar behind the current one, she turns to me and asked, "Hey, Mom. Where's the new calendar?" I told her we have our family calendar for next year (all the cousins/aunts/uncles/grandparents birthdays and anniversaries.......very tiny squares). She looked at me funny and walked away seemingly annoyed.

The next day, DH was working on our menu for the next week. He very carefully plans dinners based on how crazy our schedule is or isn't each day. He looks behind December and doesn't see a new calendar. Then, turning to me asks, "Um, Honey? Where's the new calendar?" I tell him the same thing as DD, we have our family calendar. His response, "Yes, but that's not got enough room to write stuff on it."

So, I am happy to share that my family has been completely spoiled in years past with a FlyLady calendar. Yes, I have ordered my new one. I only hope it comes before Jan 1st. We might not know what to do with ourselves without it.

Thank you for such great tools.

Shannon in Oklahoma
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